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More nursery tweaking!

Everything in the new house is in dire need of deep cleaning and the floor vent in the nursery was no exception.

There was even a little nest/web of some sort on the underside…perfect for bringing a new baby home to, right? Also, it was cream colored and scuffed up, which was not sexy.

I pulled it out and gave it a good scrubbing in the sink. My favorite DIY queens, Sherry and Katie, are big fans of Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  So when MamaP was in town, I took the plunge and grabbed a can while we were shopping at Home Depot. The weather has been pretty wonderful so two weekends ago, I got to transforming this ugly bugger.

Tips on spray painting: Use outside where it’s nice and ventilated. Shake product well and hold spray can about 8-10″ away from the object, making thin overlapping passes. You  are promised the perfect coverage if you are a little patient and plan to do several coats, instead of globbing it all on at once. No drips! Let it fully cure before bringing it inside.

It’s the easiest project ever. I know it’s quite a bit darker than the floors themselves, but I thought it would be better to go this route than try to “match” the brown in the floors.

Pretty, huh?

Don’t fret, the quarter round is on our list of To Dos (for the whole house, actually). Hopefully we’ll get to it before the baby comes?

On to more tweaks first though (sorry, this is an old picture) but…

I removed that crappy mirror. I’d like to paint the doors but I’m still waffling on the color.

The painter tape is still there though. *sigh* I need to get a ladder to take it off. One of these days…

And lastly, we added a starburst mirror to that small patch of wall between the closet door and the door to the nursery.

It was a clearance score from Pier1 years ago, that lived in our first house’s laundry room. I thought it was a nice touch of glam for Baby Girl’s room. Plus, it was FREE. Can’t get more glamorous than that!

I just started another nursery project this week..can you guess what it is?

I hope it turns out cute because it’s a lot of work that I don’t plan on redoing, like ever.

Still left To Do:

  • hang curtains
  • caulk the gap-py trim
  • install quarter round (shudder)
  • paint doors
  • add art
  • do a complete closet makeover (!)
  • get new lighting

Doubt we’ll get it all done, but progress is still progress!


13 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

  1. I’m so excited for the nursery to come together!

    Now that we’ve at least got all of our boxes emptied from moving and the new floors throughout the house, it’ll feel good to just focus on the nursery to polish it up before the little girl arrives!

    And I can’t wait to see what the green paint is for! :)

    • Hopefully we’ll get it all done in time because it’d be nice to have one room that doesn’t drive us bonkers with the past owners careless touches…
      The green paint is bold, no? *crosses fingers that it all works out*

    • Hello there, Anne! Thanks for the comment! Yes, I’m looking forward to the fun finishing touches too! I’m struggling to find the right large scale art for the other wall that doesn’t cost a fortune, we’ll see how that plays out.

  2. Props for cleaning & ORB’ing the vent cover. I love me some ORB! I probably need to clean my vents too. My list of hardcore spring cleaning is getting scary!
    I also can’t wait to see what’s green. And I know I’ve said it before; but I HEART your floors!

    • I know what you mean, girl! My MIL takes a week off every year to deep cleaning and declutter – I need to do the same! I think I’ll need about a couple years though.

  3. The vent turned out really well. Kudos to you. Keep plugging forward. You have a rocking chair and crib. That’s important. Cut the cord as short as possible on the venetian blinds. A good safety tip. It will come together. You have a few months even after the baby is born. ::)) lv mamap

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