Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: I’m happy and relaxed and loving my baby belly. *sigh* Life is good, you know?

 The Science: Baby Center recap – 31 weeks. She’s moving A LOT and she is strong. She pushes and stretches and ninja kicks me. I can feel her squeezing and reaching out to the sides of my belly! It’s the best feeling ever, even at 4.30am. I LOVE THIS TIME WITH HER.

Body morphingWeight gain is 15 lbs. Last time I worked at my retail job, I had to lean over and pick something up off the floor. Instead of bending over, I have to slide one leg out behind me and squat down…and in doing so I tripped one of the other associates! Whoopsies! #bigbellydangers

Sexy stuff!  My back has been hurting if I’m sitting in a chair too long but I’m feeling great otherwise.

Food drama: None, especially when I keep my dinners very small.  It helps BIG TIME to keep any food or water from sloshing back up when I lay down to sleep.

Exercising? What is this nonsense called exercise?

To Dos: I haven’t been DIYing this week because it’s been too chilly to paint outside, but Hubs and I made tons of progress at our house last weekend. We sorted and filed paperwork, put away boxes and cleaned. Before the madness was weighing so heavily on me, but now the house feels like home.

We didn’t pick out a carseat yet…we need to get on that.

And randomly: We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and got to see Baby on the ultrasound. They said she’s “petite” but still in the healthy range for weight. Hubs and I were both small babies so they told us not to be concerned.

And she has lots of hair!  Cauuuuuuute!

I snatched up a nursing bra on clearance at Target this week. I sure hope it fits in a few months. I plan to pick up a few nursing tanks and loads of lady business pads too on my next trip out. Might as well stock up now when I have the time, right?

On that note, happy Valentine’s Day?


14 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to my girl’s girl! Actually, Happy Day to thecandace and SIL as well. You look good. After the shower, I have to start filing and getting taxes ready. And cleaning out the junk room, where I have been putting stuff to get it out of the rest of the house!!! YIKES! Enjoy the day! lv mamap

    • We need to hustle on our taxes too, especially since Baby Girl is due right around Tax Day. That’s about the last thing we want to be worrying about when in labor…

  2. Whoa Baby! I think your baby girl is growing quite a bit! I don’t know why, but your bump seems more bumpier. Uh, you know what I mean. I’m glad that you are feeling good, that your house is getting all unpacked & organized & that baby girl is doing good!
    Happy V-Day to the Garbow Family!!!

  3. You look great and your belly love makes me so happy!

    BTW, on the sitting long times – I would sit on an exercise ball at the end and also had to sit on the bed with strategic pillows and my laptop when the chair got painful. Hope that is somehow helpful?!

    • Perfect advice, Megs! We just scored an exercise ball for free from our neighbors who are moving. I should get it filled now and take advantage, my back would thank me!

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