Baby Bump Update

Breaking blog rules: I know, I know. It’s illegal to post in the past, but I’ve fallen behind (and can hardly get up these days).  I’m large and in charge and so please forgive me.

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: Whoa, this week was crazytown. I worked every morning, then hurried to track each evening. Throw in a snowstorm, a dead car battery, a 2 hour hair appointment, our 3 hour birthing class and frantic packing for our trip to Minnesota to round out this maddening week. I seriously fell into bed each night, some days without brushing my teeth or washing my face. I’m turning into a zombie and I’m not even a new mom yet!

But, we did sneak in a 32 week bump pic! WHOA, eh?

The Science: Baby Center recap – 32 weeks. She’s the size of a jicama. A jicama! I’ve only had jicama once but it was delicious so I imagine when I nom on her sweet baby cheeks they’ll taste just as scrumptious?

Baby Girl is crowding me now but I don’t mind since that means she’s fattening up and practicing her dance moves. You go girl!

Body morphingWeight gain is 12.5lbs (down from last week). But my bump is bumpa-licious so I’m not worrying about any weight fluctuations. I’ll be packing on a pound a week from here on out so this should be interesting…

Sexy stuff! TMI warning. I’ve noticed the tiniest of “crusties”, if you will, around my lady lumps. You know what that means: My milk is coming is starting to come in. OMG, IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?

Food drama: No complaints! I’ve been taking Tums at night to help me sleep, but I’m great otherwise.

Exercising? Next week, I’ll do some next week!? *sigh*

To Dos: The only To Dos this week were to get my hair done (check!) and prepare for the trip to Minnesota (check!). I really wanted to shop for a cutsie outfit to wear at the baby shower my family was hosting but I couldn’t find the time and wore clothes I already had. Ah well.

We STILL didn’t pick out a carseat yet. Wow, I’m can’t get my act together.

And randomly: Hubs and I did hang curtains in the nursery!

I still need to hem them but I’m in love. I’ll be posting pics sometime soon (maybe?) once I have made more progress.

Until next time?


9 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. How cute are you Mama! Love that headband btw! :) Hope you get some much needed rest this weekend. We’re trying out some pumkin pancakes tomorrow for a little girl who loves pancakes & all things pumkin, so should be a win-win! Thanks for the recipe!

    Btw, the TMI, crusties stuff..try not to get too curious :), nipple stimulaton produces oxytocin which can bring on early labor (I know, more TMI)……but santos gatos!

    • I’m enjoying pumpkin pancakes as I type! I hope your sweet little girl likes them!
      Thank you for the warning! Like Hubs said, we just learned that two nights ago! I love having online Mommy friends, they look out for me!

  2. We’re running out of time… we need to finish our baby prep asap!

    @Shelby, it’s so funny you mention the oxytocin and early labor – we just learned about that in our childbirth class last night!

    • I’m surprised we learned anything at all considering we have one couple that pays more attention to each other and Twitter than the instructor.

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