Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of February loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. I’m still staying mostly true to my “using stuff up pact” mentioned in this post. I just recently finished off one of my body sprays and was delighted to start a new scent that was already in my stash, which I’ve loved for a loooong time. It’s vintage Bath and Body Works at it’s finest: Meet Pearberry. Sweet, light, perfect.

Any old school Bath and Body Works scents that still do it for you?

2. When we headed back to Minnesota, my SIL taught me how to use the Moby Wrap. I desperately want to “baby wear” so I’m very thankful she figured it out first with her little one and was willing to share the baby wearing love with me.

3. This past month was all sorts of ‘madness'; it was busy, short and hectic. Thankfully, this slow grooving song helped put the brakes on my cluttered mind and let me escape into the music for a while:

4. Our car battery died in Lowes parking lot.

Normally this is not an experience to rave about. BUT. One of the kids working at Lowes kindly jumped our car, reminding us that the world is indeed full of good folks. We were so thankful for his help. Car trouble is never “convenient” but we were counting our lucky stars that it happened on a Sunday afternoon instead of a day where I needed to get to work/coaching or a few days later when a snowstorm hit…or even worse, at the Denver airport. That would have totally sucked!

5. Hub’s homemade FISH TACOS. *drools*

I’ll be sharing the recipe sometime before I have a baby (I hope). You need to know about these, they are fanfrickintastic.

6. It was Hub’s birthday month! I got him beer and socks – it was nothing fancy but it was what he wanted.

But what was fancy was the homemade ice cream cake he was spoiled with while back in Minnesota!

7. And finally, my baby shower was a sweet day; full of blessings, laughter, loving advice and gifts. Baby Girl even decided to show off a little for the family. Awww.

March is HERE and the count down to meeting Baby Girl is ticking away fast!

Here are my Raves & Faves 2012 and Raves & Faves 2011 for your viewing pleasure. Raise your hand if you’ve been reading my crap for this long?

7 thoughts on “Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

  1. Seeing my adorable nephews, Noah and Sam, as well as my family in Minnesota was a definite highlight of February for me. That and the fish tacos.

  2. Those Fish Tacos look ah-mah-zing!!! Have they been featured in a Get-in-My-Belly? Cuz I’m pretty sure they need to get in my belly! :-)

    • At one point, six bottles…(when I thought it was actually discontinued). But then when I realized it wasn’t – I returned most of them and this is my last one one! LOVE IT. I have a two other scents to use up next (Victoria Secret’s Heavenly and Victoria Secret’s Enchanted Apple) before I can stock up on this old favorite again.

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