Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: I’m happy. I love my belly. I feel empowered by being a woman! Pregnancy blows my mind, honestly. I’m excited to meet Baby some day soon, but I’m reveling in being pregnant for now.

Plus, new workout clothes, hooray!

Last week when my friend gave birth to her baby, it got me a little panicky. It made me realize that my baby isn’t all that far behind and could come any day now. Most likely she’ll take her sweet time since it’s common for first babies to be ‘overdue’, but still. It made things feel real and scary. But, a week of getting stuff done has made all of the difference and I feel like I can handle either scenario now.

Fun fact: I found out in my birthing class that Colorado babies tend to come a little early and are more “purple” when they are born due to the thin air. Isn’t that weird?

The Science: Baby Center recap – 35 weeks. She’s too squished in there to do somersaults but she gets the hiccups often and stretches and pushes in the same two spots (usually at the same time). I think it’s her hands or shoulder that she shoves out left of my belly button and her feet wrap way around my right side. I need to get it on video before I forget how awesome it feels.

Body morphingWeight gain is 16.lbs (down 1/2 lb from last week). I feel like my belly is “rounder” and tighter. I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks contractions yet. I ran a ton of errands this week and may have overdone it one day because by the end, I could barely walk and my pelvis felt so HEAVY that it worried me. After a quick rest before practice, I felt totally fine again.

Sexy stuff! I finished my breastfeeding class last night and it was the best $45 I’ve spent.  The most comforting thing I learned is that the lactation nurses are there to help me and fix anything that isn’t working. They seem wonderful and supportive and I can go in every day to talk to them if I need. I have loads of friends and family that have breastfed successfully but it sure helps to have a professional watch the latch in person and give me tips, since they’ve seen it all.

My sleep has been wackier than usual (normally I get up about 2-3x to pee). One morning I was up by 5am, already working on my inbox and track paperwork. The next night, I was up up from 1.30am-4am, first sifting through baby clothes in the nursery and then fighting to fall back to sleep with little luck. It sounds weird but I’m thankful my body is trying to prepare me for the crazy nights to come. It’d be such a shock to go from sleeping peacefully to crazytown overnight.

Food drama: None, I’m a lucky lady!

Exercising? Besides the yoga, Hubs and I have been going on weekend walks and coaching keeps me on my feet and moving. I probably shouldn’t have but I was out shoveling after our last big snow this weekend. My neighbor got all worked up by the sight of me and came out to help, even though we had never met. What a sweet guy!

To Dos: You guys, I’m finally getting things checked off. I ordered our cloth diapers and a diaper sprayer! I hemmed the curtains in the nursery! I sorted all of Baby Girls clothes (hand-me-downs and new) and have a better grasp of what I have too much of and what I’m missing. I bought two nursing tanks, nooks, two new Nalgene water bottles, and a big old box of wipes from Target. I returned any duplicate gifts I received from my shower. I started packing for the hospital. I cleaned the car! Hubs and I tested out strollers! I got a head start on our Easter baskets! I put a few more coats of paint on the dresser! And, we mailed our taxes! PROGRESS is so comforting!

And randomly: I don’t know why I decided at almost 9 months pregnant to start investing in some workout clothes but Old Navy and Gap were have a nice sale and so I snagged a few pieces. I’m really trying to stay true to my clothing “needs” discussed in this post and I hope these all fit post baby. Cross your fingers! I’d cross my toes too but I can barely see them anymore.

10 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. Don’t forget to add “hang new light fixture” to the To-Do (to-done?) list!

    Little by little, we’re getting there. By next weekend I think we’ll at least have the minimum stuff done and purchased in case Bug decides to be fashionably early to this party.

  2. You look amazing and I am so glad you have the warm fuzzy baby belly love! What an experience! As a Mom who had Baby 4.5 weeks early, I think you’d better at least get that car seat if you haven’t yet….as you don’t want to be trapped at the hospital unable to go home. :) As you said, most first-time-Mums go late but with that extra CO stat, you got me thinking! So happy and excited for you three! Lots of Love!

    • Megs, you are exactly who I’ve been thinking about! I keep telling Zack that little N came early so we need to be prepared! I couldn’t agree more – Hubs is ordering the stroller/carseat tonight so we can actually bring our baby home is she decides to surprise us!

  3. Hmm…sounds like someone is nesting! I love it. I can’t wait to meet little miss baby Garbow and hear all about labor and delivery. Just remember, any modesty you might have now may be lost during your labor, ha ha. Sending you lots of warm love and hugs from MN!

    • Thanks for warning me, those hospital gowns and post partem undies take all modesty and throw it down the toilet!

  4. Carseat, diapers, food in the freezer. Also, some glass bottles so I can feed the baby when I come. You are set. Countdown to a life-changing event. What fun! lv mamap

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