Friday Tidbits

Hubs has been itching to get a pet and I promised him we would once we bought a home. Turns out, our home already came with its fair share of pets living in our attic…

Although really cute, the thought of them nesting, PROCREATING, chewing through wires and insulation (prompting the possibility of an eventual house fire) and damaging our roof is far from appealing. We had a professional come out today to set traps. Don’t fret, he doesn’t harm them but rather releases them 20 miles away in the country. It’s not the most fun I’ve had spending 300 bucks… Oh, homeownership.

But, the pet control guy said he discovered a little kids table up there. A long lost treasure! Maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve to see for myself (wouldn’t that be cute for Baby Girl?) but hoisting my pregnant belly up the ladder into a creepy attic hasn’t made it on my list of To Dos yet. It might never.

Have a happy Easter weekend, everyone! I hoping to nap a lot.  :)

12 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

    • He’s taunting us! :)
      Actually, it’s all very involved. The pet control guy first puts out traps with food to entice them..but doesn’t set them until after a few days until he has earned the animal’s trust. Once they depend on it as a food source, it’s all over…
      A fun fact, did you know squirrels can jump up to 10 feet? I find that amazing these days since I can barely hoist my leg up high enough to get socks on.

  1. All the nuts from the trap are now gone, and we’ve seen the squirrels eagerly coming back to look for more. Just as we planned…

  2. You are devious SIl. Hopefully, they will come back and bring friends. Aha! (evil laugh) I had to do the same thing and then Kenny helped me block the access hole. Uff da. lv mamap

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