Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: After the drama of last week, I’m happy to announce that this week was wonderful. I’m trying to tuck any residual worries regarding Baby Girl’s size out of my mind and just enjoy these last few days/weeks of being pregnant. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and I’m sincerely trying not to take it for granted.

The Science: Baby Center recap – 38 weeks. I hope she was able to pack on chub since the last ultrasound but we won’t know until late next week when I have another one. Being that she is officially full term, she could arrive any day now and I must admit that I feel far from prepared (for birth and for everything after). But who really is ready for this anyway?

I can’t help but wonder what the heck this sweet baby belly of mine is going to look like all deflated, when there is no baby in it anymore. Oh my.

Body morphingWeight gain is ? lbs. I’m done with the scale; it’s causing me too much worry when I see any unexpected fluctuations (like the 2lb weight loss I saw this morning). I’m better off focusing on staying hydrated, happy and healthy then obsessing over a number, when I don’t even know how accurate it is to begin with.

Last week I thought I was having Braxton Hicks at night that were waking me but I’m not feeling those anymore and to be honest, I’m not even sure my suspicions were right in the first place. Of course my mind is cluttered with the anticipation of labor: Has she dropped a little? Do I feel different today than yesterday? Did she move enough? In general, I’ve been lucky and noticed no swelling in my feet or hands and feel very comfortable overall.

Sexy stuff! Ok, so I got my cervix checked again last week at my regular appointment and although it was not pleasant by any means, it did not hurt like it did when I was in the emergency room a few Fridays ago. Apparently, my cervix was very tender/grouchy (it was bleeding after all!) but that seems to have healed up.

I’m still having creepy dreams and cruddy sleep but I know I’ll be wishing for these nights back in a few weeks… :)

Food drama: The only drama I’m faced with is that I ate all of my jelly beans from my Easter basket and I need more. I hope I get some for my birthday…

Exercising? Hubs and I went on two walks Easter Sunday and I spent all day Saturday at the track. I’m moving and counting it!

To Dos: I’m assuming that each day might be the last day I’m able to get anything done for a while so I’m doing my best to get To Dos checked off. I paid bills and hit up the bank. We created a “distribution list” for our birth announcement . I painted my toesies (I know, I know). I did a big drop off at Goodwill (and scored a lamp for the baby’s room for $3.99 while I was there!). Our realtor-turned neighbors-turned new friends lent us an amazing amount of baby gear that filled in pieces we were still missing (like the Boppy! and Baby Bjorn!). Hubs installed our diaper sprayer and he started stocking our freezer with meals. We’re getting our all too friendly squirrels removed. It may not seem like much progress but it feels like it to me.

Still on my list: Thank you cards, insurance crud, paperwork, cleaning (our house is so dirty!), car maintenance, blogging…I keep reminding myself that every time I check something off, another will take it’s place. And that’s a good thing – it means life is moving forward.

And randomly: I snuck in some DIY this week too. It’s just a tiny project for the nursery. If I can get myself together, I’ll show you sometime…maybe a Friday tidbit?

One more thing. April Fools jokes: I’m not a fan, to be frank. I’ve heard the fake pregnancy one far too many times to bear and just recently, one of my track kids claimed his dog died. For a moment, I believed him. NOT COOL. Anyone else with me on this?

11 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. I would say the only thing that makes you feel ready for the next step is the horrible discomfort of being pregnant and the desire to not have to put up with it another day. Unfortunately, in your case it would seem that you are feeling too darn good. No swelling, being able to walk, AND still being able to paint your toenails? You are making the rest of us look bad. Knock it off. 😉

    • haha, painting my toenails did take my breath away (literally) but I consider myself very lucky because typically these last few weeks are incredibly uncomfortable for most.

  2. Ditto on the toenails thing Missy! My goodness, I’d given anything to even reach my toes in the last few weeks 😉 As for the April Fools, YES! I don’t like that either! Although I did hear that Google pulled off some pretty cute little pranks this year. But technology pranks are kind of funny as opposed to anything pertaining to one’s puppy!

    Happy remaining days/weeks/hours of the awesomeness of pregnancy! You’re right, it IS something of a mystery, something of very uncharted waters, & definately something of beauty! Can’t wait to soon see photos of Sweet Baby Bug!

    Happy ice cream & smoothies & extra calories!

    • Google pranks are clever – as with things like The Onion…it’s the duping friends and family that I shy away from. Thank you, I’m trying to enjoy these last few moments with my baby belly, I’ll sure miss it.

  3. I’m so glad that this week is much, much better than last :-)And I’m so on board with the ditch-the-scale. Boo scales!!!
    I’m super impressed that you painted your toenails – that is impressive! Yea for pretty toes!!!
    I’m so happy for you & Zack and am so excited to meet baby girl someday! Soon? (Not too soon though baby girl- give Mama a little more time to knock off some more items from the to-do list). :-)

    • The nursery is in disarray again this weekend as we attempted the 1/4 round…oh boy. Think we can get ourselves pulled back together before this baby comes? #nochance

    • It’s a sprayer that attached to the toilet so you can rinse off and “residue” (poo) from the cloth diapers before you toss them in the wash.

  4. I wouldn’t stress too much about baby girl’s weight… the same thing happened to my sister-in-law who was carrying super small and gained minimal weight. They told her my neice would likely be less than 5lbs full term and had her a nervous wreck. She was about 7lbs… and my sister-in-law dropped her baby weight, like, instantly. So yeah, those ultrasounds aren’t always the most accurate :)

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