Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m scooting off to a track meet this afternoon and it’s supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny!

This is my little DIY project for the nursery. Our previous homeowners left this table on the deck for us. It’s meant for outdoors and was a dirty speckled taupe color but we decided to “clean it up” with white spray paint and use it in the nursery.

Much apologies for the terrible lighting, I took these pics this morning and the nursery window is East facing.

Although not really my “style,” I think the height is perfect and it was free…can’t beat that!

That’s the lamp I scored at Goodwill last week for $3.99. It’s a baby blue with a grungy shade and brown cord but I think the size and curves are sweet. I’d like to redo that as well (maybe in a punchy pink?) but it works for now if I don’t get around to that.

The Ikea rocker needs some spunk too, but I doubt I’ll get around to that either. Go me!

Enjoy the weekend, my bloggies!

14 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Nice Goodwill find! I’m lovin’ that turquoise blue! A fun little chunky bright yellow shade would look sweet on that too, if the pink idea doesn’t work out! Yay for DIY projects, you’re punishing that to-do list Mama! Don’t worry, all that needs to get done, will get done. And those things that don’t? They’ll pale in comparison to the beauty of Mamahood when that time comes. Have a super weekend! So happy to hear this week was SO much better than last.

    • That would look cute with a yellow shade – I’ll have to keep a lookout! You’re so right, the To Dos can wait when there is a baby to snuggle!

  2. After all the expenses of buying a house and redoing the floors, I’m loving the repurposing of the hand-me-down, plus goodwill finds!

    They aren’t perfect looking, but it’s fun to know we put some sweat equity into making a few of these pieces work!

    • Work with whatcha got, right? Maybe one day we’ll finish the nursery…I’m hoping at least before she graduates from high school.

  3. Love the lamp and table! Hope the track meet was fun…I just got home from my dinner club and I’m full and sleepy.

    • We have lots of little gems the homeowners left us that I’m hoping to repurpose! We’ll see how much energy I can muster up.

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