Baby Bump Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing a human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: I feel good and although I’m anxious about giving birth, I’m very excited to meet you-know-who. Wonder what this little person that I’ve been carrying all of these months is all about?

The Science: Baby Center recap – 39 weeks. Basically, we are on the home stretch! Ohmergerd.

Body morphing: I’ve noticed a “drop” in her position. She’s always been cozied up a little low inside me, but now I have much more room up by my sternum. No more rib punches or shortness of breath! One of my track kids asked “Seriously Coach, how do you not tip over!?”. I told her that was a good question! I think having disproportionately big feet have helped.

She’s still moving a lot (which is a good sign) and just being generally adorable. I got measured at the doc last week and I’m 33 cm (I think, if I remember correctly), which is bigger than last week so that means my tummy is still growing. YAY! Happy news.

Sexy stuff! To your relief (and mine), nothing new to report! It’s about to get real sexy up in here when she arrives. I can’t wait to overshare that awkwardness.

Food drama: Another reason I think Baby dropped is that I can eat a lot more now…and I’m actually hungry again. This is a big change from a week ago where I’d eat five Cheezits and accidentally ruin my dinner because of it.

Exercising? Silly exercise! I’ve been sleeping more instead.

To Dos: Hubs and I started installing the quarter round in the nursery last weekend. Talk about “cutting” it close (har har). The cuts turned out to be fairly easy (even I learned how to use our new saw!) but nailing the quarter round into the wall? A nightmare. I don’t get why it’s impossible (are our walls made of concrete!?!) but I couldn’t even manage to sink one nail and it took Hubs two days to attempt the rest of them. We’ll be purchasing (renting? borrowing?) a trim gun for the rest of the house because that was a royal pain. And we still have a whole house of quarter round to do, hooray!

Hubs and I have been taking a few minutes after dinner to pick up our piles and put stuff away as if we are going into labor that night. It doesn’t replace the massive amount of deep cleaning that our house desperately needs, but it ensures we don’t come home to complete madness when the time actually comes. It makes me feel a little better anyway.

And randomly: I don’t want to forget this so I figured I’d add it in here. One of Hub’s “duties” is to rub my belly with lotion after a shower (or anytime it feels tight and itchy). He warms it up between his hands, talks to her and massages her so gently. It’s ridiculously sweet. I love these moments. I can’t wait to see him interacting with her on the OUTSIDE. It’ll make me a total goofball, this is certain.

Update: We woke up early on the day of our 39th week and I found that I was bleeding, so we packed our bags and headed to the hospital! More details to come…

6 thoughts on “Baby Bump Update

  1. You haven’t overshared about a mucous plug yet, so my money is on a false alarm. I had a number of those – “ok, it’s time” “no, it stopped”. Hope it goes well for you and I’m sending thoughts of serenity and security.

  2. It is such a treat that you posted this and then headed to the hospital. You are so organized. Your house can’t need deep cleaning because you just cleaned it in January. I will clean bathrooms and do the floors and it will be great. lv mamap

    • I had written this Wednesday night and luckily thought to snap a quick pic before heading to the hospital. Hubs uploaded in between contractions at the hospital. And no, this house has had zero deep cleaning…blech. Oh well, I’ve got a baby to smooch up now!

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