I got showered.

These days, that’s a notable accomplishment. But lucky for you, I’m talking about being showered with baby goodies.

As you know, my Mom and Grandma threw me a baby shower when we flew home to Minnesota. Just lookie how pretty!

Do you spy the onesie cupcakes and baby tree centerpiece? LOVE. It was a very sweet day with loving family, lots of games and good food.

Then there was the surprise shower thrown by the high school girls on my track team (#almostpeedmypants):

Between the two showers, the gifts folks mailed to us and the hand-me-downs we’ve scored, we were (and still are) completely humbled by everyone’s generosity. Love you guys, for reals. *sniffles*

Today though, I wanted to show off a few of our extra special gifts: the homemade ones. I cannot believe the craftsmanship, the love, the time (and the money) that went into these gifts for us. #breathstolen

First up is this crocheted blanket from our friend Danielle (my old running buddy). You’ve seen it before in this post, but I wish you could see it in person. It’s gorgeous, darling. I think it’s the perfect size to drape over the stroller, especially for cooler spring mornings.

Next up: a patchwork quilt made by Hub’s aunt Molly. It has ruffles (ruffles!!!). Oh gurl, you know I love me some ruffles.

She found the idea on Pinterest, which makes her computer savvy AND talented. Plus, flannel is just delightful and the pattern mixing is as sweet as can be.

My friend Mindy made burp cloths. They are even reversible, with a different pattern on the back. I especially adore that they are Colorado themed with bikes and owls and wild flowers.

It was a sad day when Little Miss spittled on them but we’ve been using them like crazy.

My Grandma had this blanket made for us and my MIL made us the sock monkey.

The blanket is nice and puffy – it reminds me more of bedding than a throw plus it’s so SOFT. I admit, I’m not looking forward to our house being inundated with primary colored toys and Dora everything- but this sock monkey is my exception. I LOVE this little guy.

My MIL also made us a big stack of burp cloths, except these are huge (and backed with terrycloth). Honestly, I can think of about a billion uses for these but they are especially nice to put down on the changing pad to protect it from accidents -or use as a changing pad itself around the rest of the house since they are very thick. BRILLIANTLY awesome.

My friend Connie made this ultra modern blanket. Baby and I both drooled over the bird print especially (she didn’t mean to). The combo is cool and pairs nicely with the dresser I DIYed for her nursery. This gem got packed in my hospital bag.

One of my track sweeties knitted us this hat. Oh the cute, I can hardly stand it.

I like that it’s not overly girly since she has lots of pinky things; it’s a fun change of pace. Amelie wore this home from the hospital to keep her snuggly from the blizzard that was raging around us.

My head coach Tricia, had her MIL make this itty bitty blanket for us.

It’s just right for upcoming summery days when she needs protection from sun and something cozy to snuggle in, but it’s still breathable and light. It’s awesomesauce.

And lastly, this.

Frank (my manager back from my engineering days) and his wife Laura made this. My heart stopped. Everything about it is stunning.

Do you know how delicious minky fabric is???

I know, it seems like a lot of blankets. I’m being completely candid when I say that each is perfect in their own way and since I have loads of snuggles to get in with this baby butt of mine, I’ve been using them all. Truly.

Knowing that people took the time to make these beautiful pieces for our little baby makes my eyes cross and my heart swell. I’m so incredibly thankful.

11 thoughts on “I got showered.

  1. We were absolutely spoiled by all our friends and family. I hope you all know how sincerely grateful we are for your thoughtfulness and generosity!!

  2. What a truly thoughtful & sweet post! You can just feel the love from those who made such precious gifts & you can also get a genuine & true sense of how much you will treasure them for years to come. So Sweet! Baby Bug is a very blessed & loved girl :)

    Btw, I know Laura Lukes!!! She was a good friend here at Mayo in the neonatal unit before her retirement & she was the ISCN nurse who stayed with Aria the first 12 hours which was SOOO comforting, as she & I were in completely separtate units, and I could only see Aria from a tv monitor. Laura is a Honey & a wonderful wonderful person! How awesome!

    • NO WAY. What a small world it ends up being, especially when you are a kind presence in the world like the Lukes family! Your story warmed my heart knowing your little Aria was with Laura when you couldn’t be. *gets teary-eyed*

  3. Everything is so cute! When my best friend had her baby, I made her one of those flannel tie blankets, a huge one, so that he could grow up with it…it’s on his rocking chair right now.

    • I loooove those tie blankets! We have a few scattered throughout our house and we use them like crazy – I’m always dragging one out to watch tv or blog with.

  4. thecandace made me a fleece tie blanket that I use every night. Homemade is good. Although, all of the gifts that have been showered on Amelie are so wonderful. Sometimes, we forget how many people out there care and it is times like these that bring it to our attemtion. We are blessed. lv mamap

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