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The nursery is “done”! Done for now that is. Since we had just embarked on the quarter round adventure the weekend before Amelie’s arrival, the nursery was completely torn apart the morning we headed in to the hospital. Hubs, the dear, hustled home on the fourth day of our stay to finish it up and put it back together.

Let’s start with a before:

And now the after, come on in!

So, what did we do? Obviously, we ripped out the blue carpet and got new laminate floors in Walnut Plateau, from Home Depot. Then we painted the walls too many times, finally settling on a beautiful gray called Ashes, by Behr. Hubs installed a new drum light from Lamps Plus (luuurve). I hemmed the curtains (from Ikea) with good old fashioned hem tape. And you remember when I freshened up this free table and scored that adorable little lamp at Goodwill, right? And then, there’s the quarter round. Isn’t it pretty?

To the right is the changing table (ie the green beast that took me months to finish):

The dresser was from my first house (also from Ikea) that used to be blonde. The paint color we used is Green Energy by Behr. I love it. Cross all of your fingers and toes that it holds up!

A volunteer makes these little booties at the hospital and one of our favorite nurses snagged a pair for Amelie.

Hubs picked out the art from Etsy and hung it while I was recovering in the hospital. *sigh* It’s so sweet.

Here is the left hand side. Our crib and rocker are from Ikea as well.

It’s all a little bland. I didn’t want to add big heavy art above the crib (for fear of it falling on her one night) but this wall sure needs some spice. Maybe a stencil? Also, the blonde legs of the rocker clash massively with our floors, but I never got around to doing anything fun with it. Maybe one day. Maybe not.

Our other Etsy find got plopped into a frame from Target I had bought years ago but never got around to filling:

Here’s the wall opposite of the window, sporting a mirror we already owned.

The right hand door is the closet. Open that and you will not come out the same person. It needs a complete overhaul. We are storing tons of crap in there, on the floor and smashed into every crevice. I have dreams a beautiful closet system with spunk but for now it just looks like crazytown.

Still to do:

  • replace outlets and covers (the existing ones are grungy)
  • address the closet
  • add finishing touches to the dresser (if I can muster up the energy)
  • possibly paint the doors
  • fix the blinds (they are much too long)
  • add hooks, pillows and other accessories

Truth be told, we’ve totally set up base camp in our bedroom rather than the nursery. That’s where we change her and where she sleeps because I don’t like being too far away from my sweetie for now.

And, you can’t have a nursery post without a picture of the little baby! Here’s my snuggle butt, just 6 days old.

She makes it feel complete. *gets mushy*

11 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

  1. Oh wow!! LOVE it!! What a total transformation – the green dresser is such a fun pop of color and is such a happy color combination with the yellow & orange artwork. What a lovely setting for a lovely baby :-)

    • Thank you, Tai! There’s a lot more to do but time and money are limited these days. Hubs put her in the crib last night for a little while so she’s officially using it kinda sorta.

  2. This room was so much work, but so worth it! Major props to thecandace for her vision: I would have never thought to paint the dresser green, or repurpose the little table left on our deck.

  3. Aww, LOVE IT! And that sweet little snuggy bug all swaddled up in her green blankie is the BEST addition of all :) How fun!

    • Thank you! She doesn’t give one crap about the nursery (or maybe she gives a lot of crap, but that’s besides the point?) but I do! :) It sure is a nice sanctuary from the craziness of the rest of our house. Oh my.

  4. Love your sweet nursery. I came across your blog on pinterest. I was searching for Walnut Plateau floors because I’m about to put it down in my house.just wondering if they are easy to keep up with? Does it show dirt and crumb very easily? Thanks for your input :) i look forward to keeping up with your blog!

    • Katerina! Welcome. I’m still loving the Walnut Plateau floors – they are holding up beautifully! Super easy to wipe clean! The don’t show dust like a deep shiny espresso color would. I think the matte finish plus texture makes them camouflage most griminess :)

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