Mad Money

Money has been on my (mad) mind a bit…you know, now that I’m rockin’ the stay-at-home-mommy gig. I thought I’d start a running conversation about some ways I am trying to cut spending, save greenbacks, but still live life in between.

Today’s topic: Last time we chatted about budgeting but today’s topic is WAY less complicated than that. Like, it’s stupidly simple but I figured it was still worth a mention. You can decide if that’s actually true…

Remember way back, over two years ago, when I declared my cessation from buying craft supplies? Well, I’m still staying true to that promise. Admittedly, I’ve bought sheets of felt and a few cheap supplies for Christmas gifts (for this and this) but I have resisted the temptation to buy extraneous goodies for my bin. I’ve been very good! *pats back*

What does this have to do with saving money, outside of using stuff up? As you know, the only crafting I do is make cards. I never buy store bought ones even though I am a *serious* paper goods admirer. Instead, I whip up a bunch of handmade ones at a time to use throughout the year for birthdays, thank yous, etc. They are far from fancy:

Recently, I’ve been keeping track of the gifts we’ve received for Miss Amelie in a spreadsheet so I can stay organized. It was then I realized just how much I have to be thankful for. I’ve written 80 thank you cards between my showers and the gifts people have dropped off or shipped to us just in the last few months!

I KNOW. I’m so spoiled. That’s a lot of thank you cards.

By using what I have instead of buying packs of new cards, I figured I’ve saved a good hunk of cash. I recognize these cards weren’t free to make even though it feels like it now since I haven’t bought new supplies in over two years. But truthfully, it wouldn’t take that much money up front to get started on making your own cards if you wanted to do the same. Beware, this IS a hobby that could easily get expensive if you start collecting cutters, stamps, decals and the like. I try to keep my cards super simple, almost formulaic. I have even been known to recycle parts of cards I’ve received because it pains me to just toss adorable paper goods in the trash.

I did have to buy a 100-pack of white envelopes from Amazon but I believe it’s still saving me money in the long run. Hubs will even dive into the bin to make me cards for our special events like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentines, etc. Sweet, huh?

Best of all, making cards a pastime I really enjoy. So it’s a double win!

Any little things you’re doing to save money but still have a grand old time doing it?

7 thoughts on “Mad Money

  1. I LOVE your made-with-love cards! It inspired me to use te crafty paper I already have to make cards (you’re such a positive influence!)

    • Awww! I’m loving your crafty cards too and you have a knack for writing the most beautiful and thoughtful messages in them. MISS YOUR FACE.

  2. 80 cards! That is beyond spoiled. Good Heavens girl. I love your homemade cards. I love sending cards and receiving them. I have a jewelry hobby that is expensive, but I love making things and giving them away. I will have to budget elsewhere! lv mamap

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