Friday Tidbits

Better late than never, eh?

My plan for today’s post was supposed to be “a day in the life”. I picked a random day this week (Wed) and wrote down everything that happened. The good, the bad, the ugly…

Turns out on Wed, there was a whole lot of ugly. So much so, I thought you might not believe me. Maybe I’ll still write that post when I’m a little stronger.

But for today, how about a cute baby pic to take you into the weekend? Here is a side by side of Amelie and Hubs.

You can tell she’s¬†definitely¬†Daddy’s girl!

14 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. She’s so beautiful! I guess now we know where those big ears and lips came from (ok, we already knew that). Although I didn’t have the blonde streaks in my hair like she does. That one remains a great mystery.

  2. Nolan looked just like Nick for the first 4-6 months….people called him “mini Nick” and even apologized to me that he didn’t seem to get any of my genetic code. However….all of a sudden, his dark hair came in a bright blonde….and his face and expressions came around (key word probably round) to incorporate me too. :) Now people often say he looks “so much like me” and that they are amazed that a kid can look “exactly like both his parents”. SO, this little beauty may surprise you with some blonde locks yet! No matter, she is one cute little thang!

    • I think little Nolan is ADORABLE. I can see his Mommy in him (and she’s rad!). It’ll be fun to see what’s from Hubs, from Mom and what’s all her own!

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