Raves & Faves: MAY

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of May loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. Amelie is growing out of her newborn clothes. She wasn’t amused but aren’t those pants hilarious?

I’m trying not to take her growth for granted. Breastfeeding is not a given, expected thing. It’s work and it’s hard and no matter how much you want to breastfeed, it may not pan out. I’m trying to appreciate my body and Amelie because we are lucky that we can do this.

2. MamaP gave me a few of her Essie castoffs and I’m loving one called Mango Bango:

It’s the perfect red-toned orange. Oh, and it was free, which adds to the allure of it.

3. It’s no secret I love P!nk. The girl can SING. So obviously this duet makes my head spin.

4. Let’s not mince words. On May 15th, Hubs bought a baby swing off of Craigslist. IT WAS A GAME CHANGER.

It was only $75 but I would have cashed in my 401k for it.

5. With my birthday money, I grabbed this eye shadow (in Moondust) from Target. It’s only A BUCK and actually a pretty perfect neutral.

The picture makes it look gold but it’s more of a taupey brown. You can sweep it on with a baby in one arm and it’ll still look decent.

6. Coconut oil. I got me some. I have no idea what to do with it but apparently it has a bazillion uses from cooking to body care. I can’t wait to be a Coconut Princess with Pinterest’s help.

7. May was an exceptionally difficult month for me. Because being a baby is hard and babies cry. And being a mommy is hard and mommies cry too. Thank you to those that helped me through. xoxo.

For reminiscing sake: May 2011 and 2012 Raves and Faves.

18 thoughts on “Raves & Faves: MAY

  1. Ah! She is so cute and getting so big- I can’t believe that you are the mother of an almost-not-newborn! I hope you guys are doing great and hope I can meet your sweetie in July :) hugs, d

  2. May has been the month of trying to figure out Amelie. At times it seems like we almost get it, then she takes a step back and it’s like a completely different baby. But overall, we’re getting more comfortable being parents!

  3. Love your raves and faves. *hugs* to you and your family. I’m sure both babies and mommies cry but that you’re also fantastic parents. Despite all the changes – Amelie is a lucky little baby to have people as wonderful as you and Zack. xoxo

  4. Coconut oil is what i read about a long time ago. It is supposed to help with severe dryness and one million other things. Eating it helps control diabetes – not sure why. Eat it and smear it all over. I loved that little outfit. I am sorry to hear about Amelie and all of her tears. I hope Grandma Betsy can help figure it out. If the doctor says it isn’t colic, does she have any idea what it could be? lv mamap

  5. My favorite is #4! That key piece of baby gear and a tight little swaddle can make #7 start to get a little sunnier. You can tell you guys are already such loving, amazing parents…you’re doing everything right! Even though people don’t say it, this is parenting! So, way to go! And, I have a hunch that the “way things work” is that each kid gives their parents a dose of difficulty over their lifetime….SO, since Amelie hasn’t been so sure of what she wants early on and has kept you guys on your toes guessing/pacifying/repeat (as did my Nolan) in these early days…. I think that just means, you’re paying now so maybe you’ll glide through the Terrible Twos (ours have not been so bad) or better yet, the teenage years. I may have been dillusional at the time, but I sat down to think this through during a weepy day and decided this is actually what I would choose….get some hard parts over before they can talk, hit, and run away to live at their boyfriend/girlfriend’s house. Sending lots of love to you guys!!!

    • Aww, Megs. I hope so. I really think you might be right. My MIL told us Hubs was a difficult baby that really didn’t like much change (like Amelie) but he was a glorious toddler (and beyond!). I think Amelie is sweet like her Dad and sensitive like her Mom. :)

  6. Hang in there!!! I agree with Meg- get the tough stuff done early. I’m sure that little miss Amelie will find her groove soon :-)
    Also, I’ll send you my recipe for a coconut oil body scrub – which is heavenly in the winter time when my skin is extra dry! I use it on the Kman when he gets hotspots in the summertime, it helps his skin out and if he ends up licking his hotspot it’s safe to ingest.

    • YOU ROCK. I got the recipe and can’t wait to try it. We’ve put a little on Amelie’s dry patches on her face and if anything, she smells divine!

  7. Okay, you may not know this but Baby Bug sent us her raves & favs for May as well. She had 5. (yep, 5!)

    5) My super sweet nursery that my Mama & Daddy poured so much time & love into before i arrived, so I’d feel at home & have my own space…..they must love me an awful lot!
    4) My sweet Grandmas who have come to visit me & give awesome support to my Mama & Daddy. I can’t wait to learn more & more fun things from them!
    3) My new swing……yeah I think my Daddy found the coolest one ever! I can’t say thank you enough for the soft cozy spot that calms my cries so gently.
    2) My Daddy. He loves me so much….and even more awesome…..he loves & supports my Mama……yeah we’re a really special family!
    1) MY MOMMY!! She is the Mama I always dreamed of. She cuddles with me. She goes
    without sleep, eating or a shower when my needs need to come first. She’s kind, compassionate & sincere……and I know I’m gonna find my way in this great big world…..because she (and Daddy) are already sharing their gifts, wisdom, talents & unconditional love with me in ways a tiny baby
    girl only dreams of!! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect fit!

    • SHELBY. Thanks for lifting me up when I’ve felt so down. I got sniffly and emotional. We don’t even know each other but I feel like you’re my friend. Thank you.

      • Aww, I know! Guess it’s the beauty of the 21st century, blogs & facebook. We make new friends in so many new ways :) I’m just bummed we didn’t get to know each other BEFORE you guys moved away from Rochester…..yes, us Mamas…we’ve gotta stick together & build each other up…it’s a super tough job & one that doesn’t come with nearly enough thank yous or compliments of how amazing you are doing! Hope this week shows more sunshine & less tears :)

        One thing that my Mom told me when Aria was born & it’s always stuck with me….”somehow, you will always have the strength you need….you’ll find it in ways you never knew existed before….but when you need it, it will always be there”. Those words resonated in my ears SO many times during those 3am feedings!

        • That’s so comforting! I haven’t felt very strong these last few weeks but it’s a good mantra/reminder to repeat to myself when I’m feeling weepy.

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