Spring Cleaning: my INBOX

Another spring cleaning post. How fun for you!

Last time I chatted, it was all about my desk. Surprisingly that’s still looking pretty good after moving to the new house… Only because I don’t actually use the desk. I spread out my crap on our kitchen bar. Where we eat. Because we don’t have a kitchen table.

(I find it insanely ironic that I’m blogging about spring cleaning when I should be doing real cleaning. Our house is so dirty. But, I’ve got a baby to snuggle and Instagram to peruse so it’ll have to wait, you know?)

I’ve been working on my dreadful inbox for a LONG TIME with this post in mind. Like, long before 2013 showed up to the party. I started out with 243 emails (no lie) which I felt needed some sort of addressing and I’ve been slowly whittling it down.

I’m down to only 16 in my inbox currently! *pats head* This is a big deal, yo. Of course, it’s constantly in flux but I’m trying my best to keep this manageable from here on out.

My goal is to get to “inbox zero” but my computer time is limited and it’s truly hard to stay on top of it. Usually I’m checking my email during night time feeds but am too uninspired to respond anything.

My tactics:

  • Unsubscribe. I was getting emails from Express, JCPennys, Kohls, Old Navy, Gap, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Sierra Trading Company…the list goes on and on. Each morning I’d have to go through and delete 20 emails before I get to anything important! You can always unsubscribe from those at the bottom of their email (it may take a few passes to work). I feel so much better starting my day without being inundated with sales pitches. As a bonus, I’m not suckered into wasting time on their websites. My free time is so scarce as it is – it’s a shame to spend it like that.
  • Archive, delete or file. This helps clear out my inbox but still allows me to hang onto any note I may need later. Wow, aren’t you glad I put that in separate bullet?
  • Respond right away. Admittedly, I’m still pretty awful at this. My biggest problem is putting off long replies until eventually the initial email gets stale. I know it’s best to respond right away, even if only quickly. I’m working on that.

So, yeah, that’s it. Because showing you a picture of my inbox would be the most boring cap to a truly snoozer-rific post, I’ll end with a super self indulgent picture of my “Lil Bit” (as my MIL coined her).

Go on, you can tell me she’s delicious. I don’t mind.

8 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: my INBOX

  1. Cleaning your inbox is a big accomplishment – it’s amazing how difficult even the little things are to keep up with while wrangling a baby all day. You’re almost to inbox zero: Go Candace Go!

  2. You get major props! My inbox is also a nightmare – you’re inspiring me to get my digital spring-cleaning on!!

    Great pic of Amelie – she has such captivating eyes!! What a beauty!!!

    • I hear ya – my next big project is to sort pictures and other computer files. That will take me no less than a decade, especially with Amelie bringing the cute everywhere she goes. I take waaay too many pictures.

  3. I just cleaned my inbox out today…it’s very freeing to be clutter free…even if its in cyberspace. Amelie looks pleased about it too.

    • Good for you – it’s so nice to start with a digital clean slate! Amelie is smug for you! (Either that or she just filled her diaper).

  4. Good blog. I am diligent about my personal emails at work but bad about my work emails, thinking I should save them. But then it gets crazy and I delete them all and send the personal ones to my home email. Now I just need a computer. Next on list. ::)) lv mamap

    • I’ve got to talk to the bro to make sure you get a decent one – he always hooks you up with one that ends up “in the shop”…

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