Spring Cleaning: PAPER

Ohmergerd, another boring post for you. Sorry.

Our paperwork piles up like nobody’s business. It’s my least favorite task because it’s never ending, you know?

I spent a long nap of Amelie’s sorting, filing, shredding and trashing. WE HAD SO MUCH PAPER.

We had taxes from over 10 years ago, old manuals to phones we don’t own anymore and loads of medical paperwork from my pregnancy and Amelie’s birth (which I filed in those black bins). It was nutty.

Our city composts shredded paper. I put an astounding four bags worth of shredded paper in there this week! Our house feels so much “lighter” now that the paper monster has been tamed momentarily.

I wasn’t going to write this post until I had a better and prettier “system” – but that project begets a hundred more…including redoing our office with shelves, nice filing cabinets and possibly a built-in-desk one day.

That one day is a long time from now so this will have to do, ugly file folders and all.

Doing any organizing or are you enjoying the summertime instead?

12 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: PAPER

  1. Keep on plugging away thecandace! I have piles of paper all over the livingroom floor. It is overwhelming. I found some info that should have gone in the taxes. Next year, I will have to amend. Good heavens. I have started to take mail to work to recycle. At least it keeps it out of my serious piles. I might take a bunch out this weekend to sort and then I can burn what I don’t need to keep!! Lv mamap

    • Ruh roh, that’s the worst to discover important things buried in the piles – we’ve all been there. Best of luck whittling them down. I still have a pile on the living room floor that I need to do something about but I’m doing my best to keep things from getting too crazy again. Amelie sent my life into a tailspin for a little while there.

  2. When we had an obscenely large amount of paperwork after my aunt passed away, we contacted the local bank and they shredded and disposed of our paperwork very nicely. Something to think about when it gets overwhelming (which happens more often than we think).

    Good luck and keep the cutie-pie pictures coming, miss you

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your Aunt. :( I had no idea you could take it to the bank – that’s brilliant. It seriously took me a LONG time to shred that mountain of paperwork so it’s good to know for next time (hopefully there isn’t a next time!). Aww, miss seeing you too!

  3. Look at those awesome floors!!! Even with all the to-dos on the list, isn’t it cool to look back & see all that you’ve accomplished on your new home sweet home? Looks amazing guys!! :)

    • You always put things into a great perspective, Shelby. It feels like there is so much to to do that I’ve forgotten how far we’ve come. Our house is so much better than when we moved in and we’ve been working hard on raising a cute little baby too. Time well spent! :)

  4. Oh man! That’s a lot of paper! I have the same problem too…it’s never ending!!! I don’t even want to think about my own piles of paper that need sorting (yikes!).

    Susan B made a good point, most local banks or credit unions will let you bring in shred if you ask, some even make a day or a week of it for their customers.

    • It was gross, seriously. A lot of that paper we had moved from MN to our CO apartment to our new home. Too bad I didn’t do this sooner! Oh well, all I can do is try to do better from here on out. I’m so glad Susan B mentioned the bank option – I never knew!

    • It’s been three years and I just now noticed this comment! Forgive my ignoring, it was ineptness and not intentional!
      My reply: Naps are time very well spent! Love you!

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