A Sunday Extra

Thanks everyone for pretending I didn’t post a repeat picture in my last Friday Tidbits. That’s what I get for scheduling posts ahead of time…

Behold, some adorableness:

I love weekends with my little family. We took walks, worked in the yard and admired the baby. It was the very best. Hope your weekend was too.

13 thoughts on “A Sunday Extra

  1. It’s worth noting that this picture is from 6am on Saturday morning. The baby decided she’d had enough sleep and wanted to get a jump on the weekend and go for an early walk!

    • So I may have swapped that one out for a cuter picture. Forgive me?The early mornings are not bad knowing we can always nap and drink loads of coffee to make up for them. Big puffy heart my days with you and Amelie.

  2. What a cutie! Love her adorable little jacket with the flower. It makes me think of the flower pin that you made for me. :-)

    • Of course I went and brok blog rules by swapping in a different picture. But, this one is WAY CUTER so it’s ok? Yes, that cardigan is so sweet (and perfect for summer mornings). It’s from Grandma Betsy. Last winter, my flower pin fell off without me knowing…bummer! I guess it’s a good excuse to make a new one! :)

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