Raves & Faves: JULY

Still playing catch up. How fun for you.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of July loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. Love this sunscreen from Target. It smells nice and is easy to put on in a hurry. Go get you some. 

It has a fancy lock feature and it would be wise to use it, lest you want to spray half a can into your cloth tote while you’re out and about. Doh.

2. I’ve been loving Old Navy’s Rockstar skinny jeans. I have three pairs in different washes (plus the maternity pair I lived in while I was pregnant).

They are so cheap and so comfortable. I scored my last two pair for under $12 a piece! They come in prints, colors and different washes. You can’t go wrong!

3. My MIL put the mini spatula in my stocking last year. It is been the perfect size to scoop out every last drop of breastmilk from my skinny pumping containers. When you put breast milk in the fridge the “cream” (hindmilk) separates and collects along the sides of the container. I want to make sure Amelie gets that good stuff and this mini spatula does just the trick!

P.S. Look at how beat up our real wood floors are. One day I’d like to get those refinished and stained to match the laminate floors we have in the rest of the house. One day…

4. This song is adorable and so is the video:

5. THIS BABY BUTT. It’s just so squishy, you know?

How did the end of August get here so soon? Is it, dare I say, fall?

For old time’s sake, here is July 2010, 2011 and 2012 Raves and Faves.

Friday Tidbits

Remember the scare I had at 36 weeks with mysterious and painful bleeding that landed me in the ER for 5 hours? And then again when I woke up to more bleeding which eventually led to an emergency c-section?

Well, there’s been more drama with this Mama Llama.

You see, in July, I woke up to very heavy cramping and more bleeding. I KNOW. I Googled around and turns out postpartum hemorrhaging can actually cause death. Like, it’s no joke. It’s very serious business.

I told Hubs and then called the clinic for advice on what to do next. As always, it was terrible timing because we were hosting family that was supposed to arrive that evening. What a total bummer it would be if I was in the hospital or dead upon their arrival, you know? Then I started fretting about Amelie. Who would take care of her while I was in the hospital? How would I feed her? How will she handle not being with her mama?

The nurse called back and I prepared myself for the news. She got straight to the point.

“You are fine. You just started menstruating again.”

“Oh My Gosh, what does that even mean!?!” I gasped.

“It means you got your period.”

Stunned and sheepish, I thanked her and hung up. I am such an idiot.

Considering I’ve been getting my period every month for the last 20 years (that’s 240 periods), you’d think this would be kinda familiar territory. But I thought I wouldn’t get my period until well after I started weaning Amelie from breastfeeding! The nurse warned me it’s more common than you’d think to get pregnant just a few months after having a baby so I need to be careful. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

Now that I’ve completely alienated any male readers I may have had and made the rest of you queasy with too much information, I bid you a good weekend. But not before I show you this: A BABY PONYTAIL.

Go ahead and tell me this is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Home Sweat Home: Roll outlet

I’ve been promising you a guest room “reveal” for weeks now. And you’ll have to wait a little longer. Are you wondering what’s taking me so long? I was going to blame it on my very busy and important life but…


the truth is: it’s the little things that are proving to be tedious and time consuming…and intimidating.

Little things, like switching out the outlets. You see, every outlet in this house needs to be replaced. For one, they are loose and so our plugs just fall right out of them. It’s seriously infuriating to vacuum any room in this house because the plug never stays put. For two, I think the previous home owners went out of their way to make sure NOTHING MATCHED. For example, the guest room:We are half way done updating these. There was a phone jack and cable route I had to cap with paintable plates (top two right). We already switched out one successfully (bottom right) but the rest of the room is an eye-crossing assorted mix. Of course switching these out hasn’t been straight forward either because they were originally installed incorrectly so we have to snip some wires and pray there is enough slack to put in a new one. It’s a pain.

Let’s take a tour of the rest of the house, shall we?

The kitchen:Round and square. Almond and white. Awesomeness.

The living room, same story:

The master bedroom:

The den:

And the best for last…the office:

Cats. Almond outlets, red mouths (?) and white plates. Super Scary.

So, that’s where we are at, friends. Although not as high impact or as satisfying as paint, these need to get done before my little lady becomes mobile. Outlet the old and in wit the new?

That was a stretch wasn’t it?

Raves & Faves: JUNE

Ohmergerd, June was so long ago. Sorry.

Here is my Top 7 (yes, 7) list of June loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. I spent my birthday money from MamaP at, you guessed it, Target. I picked up two new lippies since my stash had dwindled down to nothing after the no-buy promise I made last summerThey are Maybelline Color Whispers in Pin up Peach (my fav) and Lust for Blush. They give a sheer wash of color, are comfortable on the lips and I think the packaging is so pretty. A warning, you have to reapply these often. But for me, that’s fun.



Do I need to even explain?

3. Our weekends. I cherished those precious two days together each week – even though Amelie had a knack for getting us up for a walk before Dawn was barely awake herself.

4. Each day got easier with Amelie and each day I got a little braver. I met up with a group of new nervous Mommies for a potluck and we all were so proud of ourselves that we were able to venture out of the house! Maybe we’re remotely competent at this Mommy stuff after all?(Of course Amelie cried a little at the end…)

5. Hubs started watching Amelie in the evenings twice a week so I could join my cross country kids for summer running. It felt so good to feel like me again. I needed the break and the fresh air. Plus, exercise? I had forgotten what that was.

6. We’ve been doing the absolute bare minimum in our yard. I just can’t deal with the outside of the house knowing all that needs to be done on the inside. We didn’t plant flowers or a garden but this surprise Columbine crawled up our deck in June: It made my heart happy.

7. Can you believe my little snookum used to look like this?

I’m hoping to post July Raves & Faves before August ends. The probability of that happening is unlikely at best.

I can barely remember yesterday, much less what happened in June of 2010, 2011, and 2012. You can click through if you want and I know, I’ve been listing stuff for way too long.

Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday! I know, I’ve been MIA. We took Amelie back to Minnesota for a few days, then our friends came to visit, and cross country season started this week as well. Truthfully, I have had some time to blog in between all of that but of course I’m the queen of inefficiency so here we are: blogging ineptitude, a lawn that is about to swallow our deck, and a house that needs cleaning. I really wonder what do I do all day.

Amelie and I did make it out to the mountains when my friend Karen and her family came to visit. Look at how cute our babies are! They were great little hikers.

 Amelie, we’ve come a long way from our failed trips to the mailbox and Target. I’m so proud of us!

Enjoy the weekend and the fresh air, friends.


Home Sweat Home

Remember waaay back, almost three years ago, when I started this blog? One of my first posts was painting the service door gray on my town home back in Minnesota. It was a thrilling post so I’d be super surprised if you had forgotten about it.

I really loved that gray door and so when it came time to gussying up the mauve-y doors we have littered throughout our home, I briefly considered going a fresh/safe white but decided to be a bit bold and go dark gray. Because, why not?

Let’s start with a before:

From afar, the doors aren’t bad. Up close, the old paint job was crap. That seems to be a common theme with any work the previous owners did on this house. But with the new nursery color scheme, these doors needed some refreshing anyway.

Enter Zinc by Martha Stewart. (I’m really loving her line of paint colors these days).

I’m in love. I ended up getting a whole gallon of Zinc after the first test pot because I plan to paint the remaining 11 doors in the house the same color. That way everything will be nice and cohesive.

This project took a few of Amelie’s naps over the course of a couple of days for me to complete. One coat took me about 45 minutes per door (both sides) and I did two coats on each door. I still have to replace the outlets and outlet covers, as well as update those brassy hinges. Then there is the closet disaster lurking behind the door on the right that needs to be tackled someday…progress is progress though!

What do you think, do you like them? They’ve come a long way from this, right?

A random aside. When I was painting the guest room over the 4th of July, Home Depot was giving a $5 dollar off per gallon rebate on Behr paint. I went back and picked up 5 more gallons knowing that I had a lot more painting in this house to do. So when I settled on Zinc by Martha Stewart, I just brought in one of my pre-paid gallons and had them tint it for me (tints are free). Sometimes, I can’t help but be impressed with myself. Then other days, when I melt my Nalgene water bottle cap to the bottom of the dishwasher heat ring (and we only notice because the telltale smell of burning plastic is wafting through our house), I wonder how I ever made it this far.

I promise to show you the guest room after I get a few more things taken care of. I move painfully slow, please forgive me?

Friday Tidbits

Hubs and I were out for a walk with Amelie when this little guy scampered across the path in front of us (actually “gal” but more on that later). Since it’s Friday, I thought what could be a better way to kick off the weekend than to show you this?

It’s a spider. A really big one. Stupidly, I crouched down to get a closer look and prodded it gently with a stick. THEN TONS OF LITTLE BABY SPIDERS JUMPED OFF IT’S BACK.


Because life is about learning, let’s learn something today. For your convenience, I’ve bolded the important stuff.

“Wolf spiders, the largest spiders found in Colorado, are often mistaken as tarantulas. These beneficial spiders are foraging hunters that do not spin a web to capture food. Wolf spiders are often encountered by people in the late summer/early fall as they search for food, mates or wintering sites. These spiders are not poisonous and would rather run than bite. They generally do not become established in homes.

Wolf spiders vary from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in length, appear hairy and are typically brown, black, gray, or yellow with various markings. The females carry their large egg sacs around to protect them from predators. Upon hatching, the spiderlings climb onto their mother’s back where they remain until partially grown.”

Source here.

Take a deep breath, the weekend is almost here!