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Remember waaay back, almost three years ago, when I started this blog? One of my first posts was painting the service door gray on my town home back in Minnesota. It was a thrilling post so I’d be super surprised if you had forgotten about it.

I really loved that gray door and so when it came time to gussying up the mauve-y doors we have littered throughout our home, I briefly considered going a fresh/safe white but decided to be a bit bold and go dark gray. Because, why not?

Let’s start with a before:

From afar, the doors aren’t bad. Up close, the old paint job was crap. That seems to be a common theme with any work the previous owners did on this house. But with the new nursery color scheme, these doors needed some refreshing anyway.

Enter Zinc by Martha Stewart. (I’m really loving her line of paint colors these days).

I’m in love. I ended up getting a whole gallon of Zinc after the first test pot because I plan to paint the remaining 11 doors in the house the same color. That way everything will be nice and cohesive.

This project took a few of Amelie’s naps over the course of a couple of days for me to complete. One coat took me about 45 minutes per door (both sides) and I did two coats on each door. I still have to replace the outlets and outlet covers, as well as update those brassy hinges. Then there is the closet disaster lurking behind the door on the right that needs to be tackled someday…progress is progress though!

What do you think, do you like them? They’ve come a long way from this, right?

A random aside. When I was painting the guest room over the 4th of July, Home Depot was giving a $5 dollar off per gallon rebate on Behr paint. I went back and picked up 5 more gallons knowing that I had a lot more painting in this house to do. So when I settled on Zinc by Martha Stewart, I just brought in one of my pre-paid gallons and had them tint it for me (tints are free). Sometimes, I can’t help but be impressed with myself. Then other days, when I melt my Nalgene water bottle cap to the bottom of the dishwasher heat ring (and we only notice because the telltale smell of burning plastic is wafting through our house), I wonder how I ever made it this far.

I promise to show you the guest room after I get a few more things taken care of. I move painfully slow, please forgive me?

23 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

    • It’s what having a house is all about – making it feel like home. I bet you are doing the same in your new house; we should talk shop!

  1. Looking good, Garbows! I’m also totally impressed that you’re still tackling projects with a 3 month old! That definitely ain’t happening here!

    • Amelie blesses me with longer naps. When she decides to only nap for 15 minutes during her regular morning nap, my whole world gets turned upside down! I know Miss Clara likes to be awake and checking out the world. The projects will have to wait while you snuggle those cheeks!

  2. I’m all onboard the Candace Paint Color Train! I can’t wait for the Guest Room Reveal, even though I can go down and see it in person :)

  3. The metallics just rock. I love it. It sounds industrial but it is so homey. Plus it is elegant looking. I loved that vent you painted. I wish I could do that to all of my old vents. We’ll talk vents. lv mamap

    • I agree, it was seriously so satisfying to get these painted! I have to work on some tedious not-fun projects like caulking trim and switching out outlets… those are far from motivating. I’d rather be painting stuff!

    • Thank you, Melissa – you are a doll! If you get up close, that trim is a lot worse for wear but we are working with it because new trim in the entire house is not a project I want to tackle nor one we can afford right now. From far away though, it’s a delicious pop against the gray doors! I’m so glad these “reveals” don’t put you right to sleep!

  4. The doors are wonderful! I also, may have plastic sticking to the bottom of my dishwasher as well…but at least you know I used it 😉

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