Home Sweat Home: Roll outlet

I’ve been promising you a guest room “reveal” for weeks now. And you’ll have to wait a little longer. Are you wondering what’s taking me so long? I was going to blame it on my very busy and important life but…


the truth is: it’s the little things that are proving to be tedious and time consuming…and intimidating.

Little things, like switching out the outlets. You see, every outlet in this house needs to be replaced. For one, they are loose and so our plugs just fall right out of them. It’s seriously infuriating to vacuum any room in this house because the plug never stays put. For two, I think the previous home owners went out of their way to make sure NOTHING MATCHED. For example, the guest room:We are half way done updating these. There was a phone jack and cable route I had to cap with paintable plates (top two right). We already switched out one successfully (bottom right) but the rest of the room is an eye-crossing assorted mix. Of course switching these out hasn’t been straight forward either because they were originally installed incorrectly so we have to snip some wires and pray there is enough slack to put in a new one. It’s a pain.

Let’s take a tour of the rest of the house, shall we?

The kitchen:Round and square. Almond and white. Awesomeness.

The living room, same story:

The master bedroom:

The den:

And the best for last…the office:

Cats. Almond outlets, red mouths (?) and white plates. Super Scary.

So, that’s where we are at, friends. Although not as high impact or as satisfying as paint, these need to get done before my little lady becomes mobile. Outlet the old and in wit the new?

That was a stretch wasn’t it?

12 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Roll outlet

  1. It was a big reveal on outlets but…. I am still waiting for the room reveal ::)) Remodeling is tedious. Aren’t you surprised that more homes don’t burn down, given the innovative electrical wiring people install? Take care, you have about a month until she crawls and then 6 months for walking. Tee Hee! Love a deadline. lv mamap

  2. It REALLY is the little things that TAKE SO MUCH TIME!!! The mismatched outlets would drive me nuts and you are right, those have a crawling deadline for sure! I’m looking forward to the future guest room reveal. In the mean time, my OCD is having sympathies pains for you. :-)

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