Home Sweat Home

I’m completely overwhelmed with this house and all of the things I want to do to it. That’s why I’m jumping from project to project instead of seeing each room through to the end. My brain is scattered and on overload. I don’t have big chunks of time right now and I don’t have big chunks of money, either. My new plan of attack: ditch methodical, strategic, and thorough house updating and just DO something…anything to make the house better than it was before. It doesn’t matter what!

Today I worked on our entry way from the garage to the kitchen.

A really disgusting before, mucky cat door included:

These stairs have looked like this from the day we moved in. Eeew. Every day I step on that wretched carpet it gives me the heebie jeebies. See that white crap in the corner? WHAT IS THAT?

(a close up)


During nap time, I ripped out the blue carpet and carpet pad and threw it away. It was caked with yucks! I plopped down a rug and that’s it.

The after – better but far from great:

I went ahead and wiped down the door too. It was splattered with food. The floor needs a major scrubbing but it’ll just have to wait.

Sorry this post was so uninspiring. It’s my way.

Home Sweat Home: Guest Room Reveal

Here it is, the much anticipated guest room reveal!

(You guys are going to be so disappointed.)

Let’s start with a before?

and the other side, movie collection pile and all?

It really doesn’t look that bad from far away but trust me, it was dirty. The paint job was sloppy (I’m talking paint on the ceiling even!), the trim just pulled right away from the wall and the wall themselves? They are in rough shape. There is a monstrous patch – like 2’x2′- on one side. What the heck happened there?  Anyway, my main goal: Take The Dingy out. I think I’m getting close.

Should we get on with things already!?

Sorry, I’m about the worst photographer ever. As you know, the walls are Winter’s Day by Martha Stewart. I really love this color. This photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s a muted blue-gray and seriously so classy.

The door got the same treatment as in the nursery. Slowly but surely I’m de-mauveing this little house! *claps excitedly*

The bedding is new from Target. I scored the duvet on clearance and found these fun sheets to coordinate. I grabbed an Ikea pillow from the den that I plan to gussy up with some sewing some day (cue nervous twitches). In the back is a single gray pillow – I need to add another one for balance.

Here is a horrible picture of my new drum shade.  Click here to see what it really looks like. I scored it earlier this summer for only $99!

It makes such a huge difference because the previous boob light was so tiny and most of the bulbs were burnt out. Light is a good thing, especially when half the room is underground.

And the new floors…*drools*. Thank goodness that infested blue carpet is gone!

Along with the mismatched outlets, there is no closet in this room. Why, previous homeowners, why?

The opposite side:

But I’m brainstorming this:

The PAX system is from Ikea and basically it’s a customizable closet system. I dream many a night of a beautiful closet…

Back to the guest room. At least the 1/4 round is installed finally?

The other side. Again, another bad picture but I painted the built-ins Gabardine by Martha Stewart.

It’s a blackened teal, if that makes sense. It’s gorgeous. Here is a truer picture of the color:

I don’t know if it plays nicely with the new bedding but I’m still working on that. The shelves are crooked and I’m a massively confused on how to style them but at least they are painted for now.

One last wall – a blank canvas:

Is this room awesome? Is it what I pictured? Nope. But, it’s so much better than it was before. Please say nice things, ok?

Still to do:

  • Clean the disgusting blinds
  • Recaulk window wells
  • Paint window wells with fresh coat of white
  • Caulk and paint 1/4 round
  • Switch out remaining outlets/plates
  • Add closet (thinking PAX system by Ikea)
  • Paint the bed white
  • Feature wall?? Headboard??
  • replace night stand with something that isn’t hideous
  • ACCESSORIZE (I’m completely paralyzed by this)

I’ve come to realize that layering a room with accessories and art is not a strength of mine. My “vision” is jumbled. I’m hoping to overcome my fears and take a few risks but this is a learning process for me.

There you have it. I’m so sorry if the reveal wasn’t worth the wait.


Newborn Must-Haves

Mommies LOVE to dole out advice, whether it’s helpful, stale or just plain ridiculous. Now that Amelie and I officially survived the dreaded “fourth trimester” together, I’m coming at you with my very qualified Newborn Must-Haves post. Because I’m a total veteran and stuff. I, like, know what I’m doing now. I got this Mommy thing!


Now remember, there are lots of other Newborn Must-Haves than what I’ve mentioned below. For example, you need a newborn. You need car seat. You probably need diapers. But looking back on those blurry teary days with a clearer brain (not clear, per se, just clearer), here is what I would recommend.

(And oh hey, I’m officially Polyvore-ing!)

Baby Must Haves

I’m going left to right, top to bottom. Hopefully you are able to follow along without inadvertently crossing your eyes.

1. These swaddles by Summer. Swaddle is such a cuddly word but don’t be fooled- these are baby straight jackets. You need them to save the babies from themselves. Babies don’t even know they have hands and they are so offended when one flies up to scratch their face, gouge out an eye and otherwise disturb their sleep. As you know, sleep is hard to come by so you want those devil arms pinned down! I wanted to be fancy and swaddle the old fashioned way with just a blanket, but velcro is the way to go. Get yourself a couple in every size.

2. Light blocking curtains. I should have bought these five months ago. Do yourself the favor and get them now while you are putting together your dreamy nursery, where you envision cuddles and story time and cooing during diaper changes. Do it before the chaos. Do it before the sads. Do it before the sleep strike. Do it before you can’t go anywhere, much less to Target because Baby Girl Hates Target. And Baby Girl Hates The Stroller. And Baby Girl Hates The Car. Do it before The Hate, okay?

3. A night light. Target has the cutest ones and I’m not talking dopey Hello Kitty or princess ones. I’m talking modern. I’m talking cool. The one I have plugs in and automatically turns on when it detects darkness. Anything automated is a good thing. (I wish showering was!) It’s nice to have just a teeny tiny bit of light (see #2) when you are stumbling around like a damn fool trying to feel around for the baby’s mouth and guide it in the general direction of your boob (or bottle or pacifier).

4. Soap. Stock up. Have soap at every turn so even your great aunt Fanny Mae with those long dirty fingernails might be encouraged to wash up before touching your New Life. While you’re at it? Might as well stock up on everything: toilet paper, laundry detergent, Kleenex, dishwasher detergent, snacks, coffee and anything else you might need in the next three months or so. Because remember The Hate.

5. The Moby Wrap. I wanted to baby wear Amelie. Amelie did not want to be worn. Strap Baby on anyway because it is such a luxury to do things with two hands again. The opportunities (like brushing your teeth!) are endless. You can conquer the world!

6. Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman. Actually, any books by Nancy Tillman for that matter. Oh the beautiful illustrations! Baby will pay no attention when you read this to her because she is too busy working on her latest poo. But your weepy heart will thank me.

7. A mirror for the car so you can see Baby. New Mommies worry. Baby is too quiet. Is Baby alive? Did Baby spit out the nuk? Is Baby choking? Is Baby asleep? Is the sun burning Baby’s retinas? Is Baby covered in her own feces? Get a mirror so your mind can rest (a little) and you don’t get into a car accident.

8.  A waterproof crib mattress pad because babies are messy. But why stop there? Get one for your own bed. Get extra sheets for the crib and your bed and the couch. Get extra changing pad covers and burp cloths and bibs. I’m not recommending going as far as SaranWrapping your entire house but now that I think about it – it’s not a bad idea.

9. If you haven’t already, register at Target. Might as well. People are so generous when you have a baby! But a lot of those generous people do not recognize the importance of gift receipts. People will buy you stuff from Target whether you are registered there or not because it has seriously cute baby gear. I promise you’ll get duplicate gifts (especially books), outfits for the wrong season, and 20 sleepers but no baby wipes. Target gives you the evil eye if you try to return items without a receipt. There’s a limit to how much you can return for store credit. But if you are registered with them, they are much nicer (ie: the limit is way higher). Don’t fight it, that place is Heaven on Earth (once The Hate dissipates, of course)!

Anyone else want to chime with Newborn Must-Haves?

UPDATE: Can I add an addendum? I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart racing, realizing I had forgotten one of the most important Must-Haves of all: A BOUNCY BALL. I spent a lot of time on that thing…and still do! Get one for every room!

Spring Cleaning: The Dresser

I cleaned out my dresser. Are you asking yourself, is this really what she’s decided to blog about today?

Yes, in fact, I am. This is my life, people.

Hubs and I each have a dresser. Mine was a fantastic mess; it was a wild combination of maternity clothes, winter stuff, workout clothes and everything in between. It was not working for me. I pulled everything out in a fury during nap time and after sorting, donating and reassigning to the closet here is what we have now:

A closer look at the pants section:My skinnies are all fairly new (mostly Old Navy’s Rockstar) but the “other jeans” category need some attention this fall/winter. I just ordered two new pairs (yay for school sales!) so I’ll have to sift through this pile when the weather gets cooler. For now, at least they are all in one place and folded. A small victory.

The rest of the drawers look similar. I did take pictures of all of them but I thought it’d be a ridiculous waste of your time to look at my sock drawer. Plus, you might judge me for having many of those socks for going on 10 years now.

My maternity clothes got folded and put in a cloth bin in the closet. My sweaters and sweatshirts got moved to the closet as well. I’m still not happy with “the efficiency” of my closet as far as the clothes themselves are concerned (mentioned in depth in this post). On top of it all, the structure of my closet still needs a major overhaul including paint, shelving, fixing and organizing. That’s for another day a long time from now.

Hopefully my next post will be much more entertaining? *crosses fingers*