Spring Cleaning: The Dresser

I cleaned out my dresser. Are you asking yourself, is this really what she’s decided to blog about today?

Yes, in fact, I am. This is my life, people.

Hubs and I each have a dresser. Mine was a fantastic mess; it was a wild combination of maternity clothes, winter stuff, workout clothes and everything in between. It was not working for me. I pulled everything out in a fury during nap time and after sorting, donating and reassigning to the closet here is what we have now:

A closer look at the pants section:My skinnies are all fairly new (mostly Old Navy’s Rockstar) but the “other jeans” category need some attention this fall/winter. I just ordered two new pairs (yay for school sales!) so I’ll have to sift through this pile when the weather gets cooler. For now, at least they are all in one place and folded. A small victory.

The rest of the drawers look similar. I did take pictures of all of them but I thought it’d be a ridiculous waste of your time to look at my sock drawer. Plus, you might judge me for having many of those socks for going on 10 years now.

My maternity clothes got folded and put in a cloth bin in the closet. My sweaters and sweatshirts got moved to the closet as well. I’m still not happy with “the efficiency” of my closet as far as the clothes themselves are concerned (mentioned in depth in this post). On top of it all, the structure of my closet still needs a major overhaul including paint, shelving, fixing and organizing. That’s for another day a long time from now.

Hopefully my next post will be much more entertaining? *crosses fingers*


8 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: The Dresser

  1. Well done! Ray and I just went through all of our closets and purged and trashed two huge garbage bags of clothes…..his mostly because he’s lost 50 lbs. mine because I can’t fit in them anymore….

    Anyway, you inspired me to check out some style blogs and I found this one http://www.puttingmetogether.com/. Awesome tips and tricks for remixing and thinking outside the closet. Thanks for some new ideas for my work week!

    • Wow, kudos to your main squeeze for losing 50lbs! That’s awesome! I hear you, I have a few much too small tops in my closet taunting me. I need to dump them and forget them!
      That blog IS AMAZING. Thank you for sharing it with me!

  2. We don’t have a ton of storage in this house, so it’s all about being efficient. This is motivating me to do the same for my drawers. I think it’s necessary at least once a year!

  3. This is all of our lives – single or married. Keep organized. We all work hard on it. Then we rest. Then we attack it again. It is really exhausting. I have too much stuff. Whew! lv mamap

  4. C, you are a woman after my own heart! I love this post! And I am now “en fuego” to tackle some organizing monsters lerking in my closests this weekend as well. Btw, my Mom will be a faithful blog follower after seeing this post….she’s a fellow organizer who finds comfort in cute folded socks in all their color & fluffy goodness & nicely sorted piles of jeans! And yes, this IS our life right now….and that’s SO okay :) Take care!

    • Shelby, wished we lived close so we could revel in organization projects together! Thank you for making me feel like less of a dweeb for posting pictures of my dresser! I think I’d love to have coffee with you and your mom!!!

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