Home Sweat Home: Guest Room Reveal

Here it is, the much anticipated guest room reveal!

(You guys are going to be so disappointed.)

Let’s start with a before?

and the other side, movie collection pile and all?

It really doesn’t look that bad from far away but trust me, it was dirty. The paint job was sloppy (I’m talking paint on the ceiling even!), the trim just pulled right away from the wall and the wall themselves? They are in rough shape. There is a monstrous patch – like 2’x2′- on one side. What the heck happened there?  Anyway, my main goal: Take The Dingy out. I think I’m getting close.

Should we get on with things already!?

Sorry, I’m about the worst photographer ever. As you know, the walls are Winter’s Day by Martha Stewart. I really love this color. This photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s a muted blue-gray and seriously so classy.

The door got the same treatment as in the nursery. Slowly but surely I’m de-mauveing this little house! *claps excitedly*

The bedding is new from Target. I scored the duvet on clearance and found these fun sheets to coordinate. I grabbed an Ikea pillow from the den that I plan to gussy up with some sewing some day (cue nervous twitches). In the back is a single gray pillow – I need to add another one for balance.

Here is a horrible picture of my new drum shade.  Click here to see what it really looks like. I scored it earlier this summer for only $99!

It makes such a huge difference because the previous boob light was so tiny and most of the bulbs were burnt out. Light is a good thing, especially when half the room is underground.

And the new floors…*drools*. Thank goodness that infested blue carpet is gone!

Along with the mismatched outlets, there is no closet in this room. Why, previous homeowners, why?

The opposite side:

But I’m brainstorming this:

The PAX system is from Ikea and basically it’s a customizable closet system. I dream many a night of a beautiful closet…

Back to the guest room. At least the 1/4 round is installed finally?

The other side. Again, another bad picture but I painted the built-ins Gabardine by Martha Stewart.

It’s a blackened teal, if that makes sense. It’s gorgeous. Here is a truer picture of the color:

I don’t know if it plays nicely with the new bedding but I’m still working on that. The shelves are crooked and I’m a massively confused on how to style them but at least they are painted for now.

One last wall – a blank canvas:

Is this room awesome? Is it what I pictured? Nope. But, it’s so much better than it was before. Please say nice things, ok?

Still to do:

  • Clean the disgusting blinds
  • Recaulk window wells
  • Paint window wells with fresh coat of white
  • Caulk and paint 1/4 round
  • Switch out remaining outlets/plates
  • Add closet (thinking PAX system by Ikea)
  • Paint the bed white
  • Feature wall?? Headboard??
  • replace night stand with something that isn’t hideous
  • ACCESSORIZE (I’m completely paralyzed by this)

I’ve come to realize that layering a room with accessories and art is not a strength of mine. My “vision” is jumbled. I’m hoping to overcome my fears and take a few risks but this is a learning process for me.

There you have it. I’m so sorry if the reveal wasn’t worth the wait.


16 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Guest Room Reveal

  1. Aww, I am in love with that wall color! Beautiful. It is fantastic with the white trim & the floors! And while we’re on the subject of those floors, can I just say again that they are amazing! Great job guys! My goodness, most of us are lucky to open a can of spaghettios & take out the trash with a newborn….and you guys did a room reveal! Bravo! Hope you can enjoy a well deserved nap & cup of chai to celebrate :)

    • Thanks for virtual high fives, Shelby! I love those delicious floors too. At what age can you actually get stuff done again, instead of constantly batting away The Chaos?

      • Haha, oh wish I knew…..we’re in toddlerland right now & it seems to be a mix of having a really good “helper” & constantly putting the same things away ALL THE TIME. I often feel like I’m in the movie “Groundhog’s Day” each morning. So, big projects continue to be on hold….and that’s okay, there’s a little person who’s got so much to learn & they are flowers to pick outside & fireflies to catch right now. And I’ve been the slowest learner at learning to be okay with that, but I’m so thankful for the lesson! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I think it looks gorgeous. Pain the nightstand the blue teal color. White bed gorgeous. Get a nice little loveseat and chair to allow seating. I love the walls and the teal. Aren’t you going to paint the other wall gray? Or the teal? I think the coral on the bed is rocking. It is my new favorite color. Long sheer coral or teal drapes covering the windows – or beautiful while flowy ruffly curtains. I think you are doing a bang up job. lv mamap

  3. I’m loving the Winter’s Day! I was skeptical at first (“another gray?”), but it looks truly fabulous and plays delightfully with the Gabardine. Now it’s time to tackle the dreaded accessories. *shudder*

  4. Oh WOW!! Love it!! The colors are gorgeous and I love how the coral pops! And such a pretty drum light!! I can’t believe that you did all this with a newborn/infant – I am amazed!!!

    I agree with Emily, the online pics look great, but it’s nothing like seeing it in person. I will have to plan some time to visit the Rockie’s soon, don’t you think? :-)

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