Home Sweat Home

I’m completely overwhelmed with this house and all of the things I want to do to it. That’s why I’m jumping from project to project instead of seeing each room through to the end. My brain is scattered and on overload. I don’t have big chunks of time right now and I don’t have big chunks of money, either. My new plan of attack: ditch methodical, strategic, and thorough house updating and just DO something…anything to make the house better than it was before. It doesn’t matter what!

Today I worked on our entry way from the garage to the kitchen.

A really disgusting before, mucky cat door included:

These stairs have looked like this from the day we moved in. Eeew. Every day I step on that wretched carpet it gives me the heebie jeebies. See that white crap in the corner? WHAT IS THAT?

(a close up)


During nap time, I ripped out the blue carpet and carpet pad and threw it away. It was caked with yucks! I plopped down a rug and that’s it.

The after – better but far from great:

I went ahead and wiped down the door too. It was splattered with food. The floor needs a major scrubbing but it’ll just have to wait.

Sorry this post was so uninspiring. It’s my way.

8 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

  1. Home projects are like eating an elephant……can only do one bite at a time. I was watching HGTV last night & saw a show where the homeowners had this undisclosed water drainage problem in their basement that they didn’t know about when inspected. They had to gut everything……I spent the rest of the evening noticing anything that resembled a water mark in our basement in complete paranoia of mold or water damage, yeah, that combination of lack of sleep & overwhelming projects can be a real stinker! So helpful to know others are in the same boat! So, yes, this post COMPLETELY inspiring to me, C! :) I’m proud of you & that rug is super cute!!

    • That would send me into complete paranoia! Scary! For now we’ll have to be ok with inching along while we grow our kiddos to into (hopefully) decent and productive big people. I need to keep reminding myself that we are making big progress every day on that front. I mean, Amelie can blow raspberries already!!! IT’S A BIG DEAL. :)

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