Happy Halloween!

As always, I’m late to the party but look whooooo has a cute baby bird in tow?

Look familiar? I recycled my costume from two years ago and made Amelie’s mini-me version for $2.50 (the cost of the long sleeve)! Of course Amelie puked prune juice on her costume moments before our photo shoot but hey, that’s what baby birds do sometimes.

Let’s go get candy for Mommy, shall we?

Friday Tidbits

I’m still recovering from my painting “blues” but in the meantime, I took on a teeny tiny project to bolster my self confidence.

Last spring, my neighbor was in the process of moving out of the house across the street. You know how moving goes. She saw my baby bump as the perfect opportunity to gift me a bunch of old baby stuff she had lying around the house from her grand daughter. We got a broken down rocking chair (which we put out on the curb for free after they moved), a bouncy ball (which we used every day for the first three months of Amelie’s life!), a new piggy bank (with money in it and the tag still on it from Macy’s) and weird pair of maternity pants (also with tags). I thought it was probably a long shot, but Macy’s actually let me return the piggy bank and maternity pants since both were still new with tags. I skipped out of there two items lighter and $25 richer (in the form of a gift card). Score! Who would turn down free money? Not I.

The dear also gave me a few more things that went straight into the Goodwill pile. But, I did hang on to these bookends with plans of transforming them someday:

They were hand painted but too baby-y. Too theme-y. Plus, cats.

Enter stage right, pink spray paint:


Too cute, huh? You probably can’t tell from the pic but some of the blocks are tilted which gives them kind of a modern vibe.

I figure if I tire of the bright pink, I can spray paint them a deliciously clean white and use them in Hub’s office later on down the road.

And luckily I have some pink spray paint leftover…hoping to pink-afy this lamp.

On a side note, Halloween is almost here and I’m attempting to DIY Amelie’s costume. Wish me luck and lengthy nap times.


I’m a Nimbus-cile!

I was feeling inspired after Friday’s post so I roped Hubs into painting our living room on Saturday. This project was a massive undertaking, especially considering we have to plan everything around nap time.

Worse yet, my “perfect” light gray (Nimbus Cloud) turned out to be TOTALLY BLUE. Not gray with a blue undertone. But BLUE. See what I mean?

I’m trying to collect myself but seriously? How could have I messed this up? Why on earth didn’t I paint the whole test swatch on the wall to be sure before taking the plunge? Just like the mistake gray in the nursery, it’s not a bad color. I was actually considering a blue like this in the kitchen. But, not in the living room and the hallways.  *sigh*

Not only is our house blue and all of our crap is pushed into the center of the room, but we don’t have a ladder so there are weird patches of the original orangey beige peeking out. Awesome! It was one of those days that we would have made more progress by not doing anything at all, you know?

Where are you, Perfect Light Gray? Only in my dreams?

Get In My Belly: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

It’s high time for carving your prized pumpkins but be sure to save the glop you scoop from them so you can make roasted pumpkin seeds!  It’s a mostly guilt-free treat!


  • somewhat clean pumpkin seeds (not the stringy slimy stuff)
  • spices of your choosing*
  • 2 tsp melted butter (if you wish)

*we used a mixture of cayenne, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, and thyme to create a salty spicy batch.  But you could do anything you wanted, really.  Get feisty with it!


  1. Set oven to 300 degrees.
  2. Spread a nice even layer of pumpkin seeds onto a cookie sheet.  We line ours with foil to help with clean up.
  3. Drizzle butter and seasonings over them and shove those suckers in the oven!
  4. Get back to carving.  It’ll take about 45 minutes to crisp them up!

Friday Tidbits

I’ve finally decided on a paint color for the living room and hallway…of course, it’s gray.

Nimbus Cloud beat out the other two Martha Stewart swatches: Heavy Goose (it was too pasty) and Driftwood Gray (it was too blue). What do you guys think? Pretend the trim is a dreamy white…

It’ll be a little while before I tackle this project but just deciding on a color is already a step in the right direction. I probably shouldn’t wait too much longer to take this on seeing how Amelie will start crawling soon. !!!

Maybe I shouldn’t paint my entire house gray but I don’t care. I think gray is the perfect neutral and I really can’t stand the thought of anything beige right now. If you want to see a beautiful house done mostly in tones of gray, check out Emily’s house tour. It’s jaw dropping gorgeous – Emily puts together a seriously inspiring home. Enjoy!


It seems clean

About a 100 years ago, I pinned this cleaning schedule:


I like a clean house. I drool over the idea of a schedule that I can follow without thinking too much. This one is delicious. Ideally if I stuck to it, my house would be beautiful and presentable at all times! I tried to implement it in my apartment (which was just under 900 square feet) but I could not keep up! This schedule is INSANE. Where would I squeeze in errand running? Blogging? Instagraming Amelie? It’s just too much to do on a daily basis. I felt frustrated and defeated.

Moving into our new house has not only more area to clean, but also big projects to tackle (all with a squishy baby butt in tow). I am overwhelmed by it all.

To guide me through the chaos, I made up my own cleaning schedule:

But here is the *key* to my schedule: whatever cleaning I get done in that room for that particular day is good enough and I need to move on. Albeit ridiculously simple, this concept is difficult for me. I have a very hard time doing projects “imperfectly”. Because perfection is a good thing, right?

No. Turns out, if I can’t do it perfectly and thoroughly, I DON’T DO IT AT ALL. That’s a problem. I’m tired of standing in my own way, you know? Just like the projects for the house, I’m trying to remember that any sort of effort is better than none at all. If all I do in the kitchen is wipe down the counters and leave the crumbs to pile up in the corners on the floor, then so be it. The house will be far from perfect – but it’ll be lot cleaner than if I waited until I had enough time to do it all right.

That right time is never and we’ve got livin’ to do!

And Instagraming:


Raves & Faves: AUGUST

I don’t even really remember August. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of August loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. My pretty “new” doors! I like to pet them.

2. I love this stuff – it’s probably my favorite makeup remover to date. I wish it removed wrinkles and saggy neck skin but that’s a lot to ask from a makeup remover.


3. BABY SWIMSUITS. *drools*

4. We received this yummy lotion as a baby gift for Amelie. It makes her sweet baby butt smell even sweeter!


5. Ahh, this song:

If you can muster the click through, here is August’s 20102011 and 2012 Raves & Faves. How come September is over already? *sigh*

Friday Tidbits

Last Friday, I mentioned there was “not much new around here”. I don’t know why on Earth I said that because these last three weeks have been completely kicking my ass in the Amelie department.

Even though Amelie is almost 6 months old, she still gets up twice per night to feed. But, she’s usually a quick feeder and so sleepy that she always falls right back to sleep. It’s so sweet…it’s our precious mommy-daughter time.

That all changed three weeks ago. Initially, her feedings started stretching out to 35 minutes or more and of course I had trouble falling back to sleep after being up for so long. Then her sleep habits changed again and I’ve been getting up sometimes every hour, but more often every two. And she’s not our sleepy hungry lady. She’s crying. She’s ticked off. She’s difficult to console. We can’t figure out what she needs. We are all wrecks!

I suspect Amelie might be teething but that’s the thing about babies. It’s an infuriating guessing game! We don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t know the right answer. I called the phone nurse at our pediatrician’s office and she was so far from helpful, I wanted to cuss her out. (Classy, eh?). Veteran Mommies, any thoughts?

Oh and randomly. We woke up (but, were we ever truly sleeping?) to our first snow:

Miss Amelie was so excited for her morning walk (like always) and yes, those are socks on her hands, masquerading as mittens.

Keep warm and rest easy this weekend, ok?

New Mommy Makeup

Even though I’m a New Mommy and perpetually tired, I still like to make some attempt to bat away the crazy with a little makeup each morning. It gives me a small sliver of normal. Don’t deny me some normal, ok?

Here are my picks for a quick morning/during-nap-time makeup routine. I timed it and it takes 3 minutes tops.

New Mommy Makeup

New Mommy Makeup by thecandace 

1. BB creams are all the rage these days and they are mostly a glorified tinted moisturizer. It checks off your foundation and moisturizer in one step. BAM, done!

2.  Since BB creams tend to offer a light coverage, you can go in with a concealer where you need it most (under those zombie eyes, for example). The NARS creamy concealer is highly rated by beauty gurus. It covers everything. Well, almost everything. Obviously, the panicky, darting, New-Mommy-Eyes will still give you away every time.

3. Blush will add some life back to your face. Although pricey, these Amazonian clay blushes have super strong staying power. Because new Mommies have no time for touch ups!

4. You’ve heard me rave about the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. This is a one swipe eye shadow that does not budge once it sets. It’s cheap and awesome and you can use your finger to apply it. I’m still using mine even though I got it well over a year ago. If you want more of a champagne vibe, Barely Branded is also a great color.

5. Mascara. Game changer. That is all.

6. Smear on a tinted lip balm (with SPF!) and now you are so money, Honey.

If anyone has quick tips for hair, I’d love to hear them! My typical dirty roots and flat ponytails are even grosser now that Amelie has a habit of belching puke into my hair at night. Sometimes, it even pools in my clavicle as well. Good times.