New Mommy Makeup

Even though I’m a New Mommy and perpetually tired, I still like to make some attempt to bat away the crazy with a little makeup each morning. It gives me a small sliver of normal. Don’t deny me some normal, ok?

Here are my picks for a quick morning/during-nap-time makeup routine. I timed it and it takes 3 minutes tops.

New Mommy Makeup

New Mommy Makeup by thecandace 

1. BB creams are all the rage these days and they are mostly a glorified tinted moisturizer. It checks off your foundation and moisturizer in one step. BAM, done!

2.  Since BB creams tend to offer a light coverage, you can go in with a concealer where you need it most (under those zombie eyes, for example). The NARS creamy concealer is highly rated by beauty gurus. It covers everything. Well, almost everything. Obviously, the panicky, darting, New-Mommy-Eyes will still give you away every time.

3. Blush will add some life back to your face. Although pricey, these Amazonian clay blushes have super strong staying power. Because new Mommies have no time for touch ups!

4. You’ve heard me rave about the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. This is a one swipe eye shadow that does not budge once it sets. It’s cheap and awesome and you can use your finger to apply it. I’m still using mine even though I got it well over a year ago. If you want more of a champagne vibe, Barely Branded is also a great color.

5. Mascara. Game changer. That is all.

6. Smear on a tinted lip balm (with SPF!) and now you are so money, Honey.

If anyone has quick tips for hair, I’d love to hear them! My typical dirty roots and flat ponytails are even grosser now that Amelie has a habit of belching puke into my hair at night. Sometimes, it even pools in my clavicle as well. Good times.

13 thoughts on “New Mommy Makeup

  1. Girl, I am all about the topknot, side braid, or small twist and a ponytail. The puke-ier your hair, the better. Helps the style stick. I’ve jumped on the dry shampoo train as well. MAGIC-slash-GAME CHANGER. Wanna go make-up shopping with me next time you’re in town? (Please say yes).

    • Thanks you for the hair tips, SIL! (Your hair always looks amazing!) I think I need to just start experimenting. I’ve been curious about trying out dry shampoo for a while – which brand do you use?
      I heart makeup and shopping so a makeup shopping date sounds like something I’d be all about. :) You look stunning without makeup though, don’t fix what isn’t broken!

      • I use Tresemme (from Target, of course). I use it in my greasy spots (above my forehead, and the crown) before bed, and I wake up to this sexy, tousled, “clean” mane of hair. Love. Plus, it smells incredible! I’ve also been known to use baby powder, but that can get a little out of hand on my dark brown hair. If I use too much, I look like I’ve gone gray! :) Make up date? Done.

        • I’m a fan of the Tresemme hair spray so I imagine I’ll like the dry shampoo – thanks for the recommendation, sweet SIL!

  2. YEA! Make up reviews!! I’m currently using a concealer previously spotlighted on TheCandace & am loving it.
    Oooh – I love that you’re spotlighting an ELF product. I heart ELF! I have the shimmering facial whip that I LOVE! You can use it on cheeks, eyes & lips, and it’s only $1! I use it under concealer to add a light reflecting boost to my anti-zombie-eyes-campaign.

    Wish I could help you with your hair dilemma, but I just threw in the towel on the whole “growing out my hair” thing. I love my short, short hair-do’s & get my hair did at Fantastic Sam’s (shampoo & hair cut for about $15) I’ve lucked out, I feel like I’ve had REALLY good stylists that are every bit as good (if not better) than the $30+ stylists at other salons. Good luck with the hair – I’m sure that the creative & resourceful side of you will find a winning formula for your hair woes. Be sure to post pics! :-)

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