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Last Friday, I mentioned there was “not much new around here”. I don’t know why on Earth I said that because these last three weeks have been completely kicking my ass in the Amelie department.

Even though Amelie is almost 6 months old, she still gets up twice per night to feed. But, she’s usually a quick feeder and so sleepy that she always falls right back to sleep. It’s so sweet…it’s our precious mommy-daughter time.

That all changed three weeks ago. Initially, her feedings started stretching out to 35 minutes or more and of course I had trouble falling back to sleep after being up for so long. Then her sleep habits changed again and I’ve been getting up sometimes every hour, but more often every two. And she’s not our sleepy hungry lady. She’s crying. She’s ticked off. She’s difficult to console. We can’t figure out what she needs. We are all wrecks!

I suspect Amelie might be teething but that’s the thing about babies. It’s an infuriating guessing game! We don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t know the right answer. I called the phone nurse at our pediatrician’s office and she was so far from helpful, I wanted to cuss her out. (Classy, eh?). Veteran Mommies, any thoughts?

Oh and randomly. We woke up (but, were we ever truly sleeping?) to our first snow:

Miss Amelie was so excited for her morning walk (like always) and yes, those are socks on her hands, masquerading as mittens.

Keep warm and rest easy this weekend, ok?

22 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Sister, both kids did this to me. Arghhhh. Here’s what I did, take it or leave it! :)
    We’d give them baby pain meds to alleviate any teething issues. Also, numbing gels and creams so their little gums don’t hurt. Second thing was I ignored for a little bit before going in. Around six months is when I started teaching them some self-soothing – the boys woke up, but it was time for them to start learning to get themselves to sleep. When I did go in, it was a quick nursing session in the dark, and then right back into bed – not much loving or snuggling or talking in the middle of the night. I also made sure the kids were getting lots of stimulation and activity during the day so that they were more tired at night.

    • Thanks, Sis! I picked up some Baby Orajel for any nights that Amelie seems like she’s in pain again. I’m starting to wonder if she had really bad gas from being constipated. She loves the rice cereal so I think I might have over done it…
      We cut back on the rice cereal and she seems to be sleeping (and pooping) easier. But I have no idea!

    • Oh, and as far as advice goes, accept it and do your best to survive. If you try to fix it, you will feel more tired and go nuts. Take turns on night duty or the one that has night duty gets to sleep in on weekends. Not nursing to sleep, but rather putting down awake but drowsy helps bedtimes, and night wakings get better eventually. We did sleep training at 8 months with Alice, checks at 5 min intervals. It was 3 hard weeks, but so worth it in the long run. Would never have done it the first time, didn’t have the nerve to do it. Book tips: The no-cry sleep solution by Elizabeth Pantley. It isn’t so much about “fixing” your baby’s sleep as knowing what is a reasonable expectation.

      • Sleep regression? Noooooo, devastating! :) I think that’s brilliant advice, sometimes the only answer is there is no answer and it’s all about survival. I have the no cry sleep solution book (of course I haven’t read it yet, doh!) so I’ll dive in and see if it helps. We had been doing the 5 minute rule for getting her to sleep a while back (which was not fun either) but she up and changed on us again. :) Keeps us guessing!

  2. All three of my kids did that at 6 months too. With the first, I kept nursing every time, on demand. I was very tired. With the second, I decided he was just testing his powers over his mommy slave and I cut him off after nursing twice each night. He cried. Then he slept all night. With the third I did something between those two extremes. :)

    PS it’s probably not teething. It almost never is.

    • Really? My kids started teething EARLY. I’m envious that yours didn’t start at/earlier than 6 weeks. We had all the teething fun starting right around that time, piled on top of all the other goodness going on! :)

      • Oh my kids got teeth early, but it didn’t seem to bother any of them? I don’t know. I guess I just kind of think “baby’s teething” is the common parent reasoning for everything. There’s lots going on in a baby. Sometimes they sleep badly because they are about to master a skill like crawling, sometimes they sleep badly because they know mama’s going to come if they cry loud enough. You know. :)

        • YES. I’d forgotten all about the skill-mastering loss of sleep! Amelie is probably about to cure world hunger, or write a novel, or something equally as impressive. The thoughts are keeping her awake at night! :)

          • I do think Kristy is on to something with the skill-mastering loss of sleep because Amelie has made huge developmental strides which coincided with this funky sleep schedule – including flipping on to her tummy and blowing raspberries like a crazy lady. She’ll be penning a masterpiece soon, no doubt!
            After talking with the pediatrician today, he gave me the cold hard facts: Sleep training, here we come! (pray for us)

    • At least I’m not alone – it seems like all of you veteran Mommies had some sort of sleep issues at around 6 months. And I thought these were the post fourth trimester baby bliss days! :) The thread between you and Melissa just proves to me that every baby has a super secret formula that hopefully their parents figure out without going insane…! So far, I haven’t figured out Amelie. OMG, what am I going to do when she’s a teenager?!?

  3. At 4 months we did sleep training with Enzo and really stuck to it. Since then he has slept from 7:30-7:30 with the exception of waking up sick (throw up sick). We read Sleeping Through The Night and followed it like it was law. I made a chart just as they suggested. The first 2 days were tough but each day it got easier – by day 7 it was done and things were great. I think the most important is to establish a routine that works for you and stick with it. Good Luck!!

    • You veteran Mommies are so wise! Sleeping 7.30pm to 7.30am would be a glorious change of pace for us! We are going to give it a go this weekend! I’m stocking up on coffee and patience to get us through!

      • SISTER. Seriously, give it three nights, and you’ll already start seeing results. It’s like Amber said – the first two nights are rough, then by day seven, you’re getting hours upon hours of blissful sleep. Sleep-training FTW?!?! You already have a night bedtime routine in place, so now this is just a little addition. GET IT GIRL(S).

        • Sending positive vibes your way for this weekend and hoping all goes well! Some mommies have issues with hearing their babies cry – remember three things 1) She is fine! She know she is loved and adored! 2) If the crying is too much – turn of the monitor if you need to during those 5 min 7 min 10 min intervals (you’ll know what I mean after reading the book) 3) Don’t put that pacifier back in (if she uses one)! If you do then you will be getting up all night to put that darn thing back in her mouth đŸ˜‰

          • I kept these three things in mind last night when she cried for three hours (not all in a row, but at 8pm, 1am and 3am). One night down, hopefully only a few more to go! Amelie is exhausted today…
            Thanks SIL for the encouragement! Hopefully we are on the right track!

    • First night was last night since we needed privacy before we dove in. I wish we would have started this a month ago but at least we are addressing it now. It was rough but we were read for it. I took a nice long nap this afternoon and hopefully tonight will be a bit better!

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