Raves & Faves: AUGUST

I don’t even really remember August. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of August loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. My pretty “new” doors! I like to pet them.

2. I love this stuff – it’s probably my favorite makeup remover to date. I wish it removed wrinkles and saggy neck skin but that’s a lot to ask from a makeup remover.


3. BABY SWIMSUITS. *drools*

4. We received this yummy lotion as a baby gift for Amelie. It makes her sweet baby butt smell even sweeter!


5. Ahh, this song:

If you can muster the click through, here is August’s 20102011 and 2012 Raves & Faves. How come September is over already? *sigh*

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