It seems clean

About a 100 years ago, I pinned this cleaning schedule:


I like a clean house. I drool over the idea of a schedule that I can follow without thinking too much. This one is delicious. Ideally if I stuck to it, my house would be beautiful and presentable at all times! I tried to implement it in my apartment (which was just under 900 square feet) but I could not keep up! This schedule is INSANE. Where would I squeeze in errand running? Blogging? Instagraming Amelie? It’s just too much to do on a daily basis. I felt frustrated and defeated.

Moving into our new house has not only more area to clean, but also big projects to tackle (all with a squishy baby butt in tow). I am overwhelmed by it all.

To guide me through the chaos, I made up my own cleaning schedule:

But here is the *key* to my schedule: whatever cleaning I get done in that room for that particular day is good enough and I need to move on. Albeit ridiculously simple, this concept is difficult for me. I have a very hard time doing projects “imperfectly”. Because perfection is a good thing, right?

No. Turns out, if I can’t do it perfectly and thoroughly, I DON’T DO IT AT ALL. That’s a problem. I’m tired of standing in my own way, you know? Just like the projects for the house, I’m trying to remember that any sort of effort is better than none at all. If all I do in the kitchen is wipe down the counters and leave the crumbs to pile up in the corners on the floor, then so be it. The house will be far from perfect – but it’ll be lot cleaner than if I waited until I had enough time to do it all right.

That right time is never and we’ve got livin’ to do!

And Instagraming:


12 thoughts on “It seems clean

    • Amen, sweetface! I want to get a huge print that says that for my office nook. I need the reminder daily…especially when I am so tempted to redo the “Cleaning Schedule” jpg because it’s straight on the left side and wonky on the right which makes me twitch a little (don’t know why I did that in the first place)…
      But, it’s done and it’s posted and I MUST MOVE ON.

      • I’m in the “if I can’t do it perfectly I might as well not do it” category too….hence the lack of blogging, project finishing, etc…. :) but you are right, WE MUST MOVE ON! We have cute babies to snuggle for Pete’s sake!

  1. Done is better than perfect! And the house is looking noticeably better because of this new cleaning schedule. Kudos to supermom, Candace!

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