Friday Tidbits

I’ve finally decided on a paint color for the living room and hallway…of course, it’s gray.

Nimbus Cloud beat out the other two Martha Stewart swatches: Heavy Goose (it was too pasty) and Driftwood Gray (it was too blue). What do you guys think? Pretend the trim is a dreamy white…

It’ll be a little while before I tackle this project but just deciding on a color is already a step in the right direction. I probably shouldn’t wait too much longer to take this on seeing how Amelie will start crawling soon. !!!

Maybe I shouldn’t paint my entire house gray but I don’t care. I think gray is the perfect neutral and I really can’t stand the thought of anything beige right now. If you want to see a beautiful house done mostly in tones of gray, check out Emily’s house tour. It’s jaw dropping gorgeous – Emily puts together a seriously inspiring home. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. It is your house and you can do what you want. Emily’s house is awesome. I can see where you get your inspiration. Love Nimbus Cloud. Much more neutral – easier to put things with the color. Fun!! Happy Friday! lv mamap

  2. Goodbye, Beige, Gray is coming! I can’t wait to get our main level and hallway a facelift. It’s going to feel so much brighter, cleaner and fresher. *drools*

    • Secretly I wanted Nimbus Cloud to be the winner, just because the name is awesome. Our house will be so happy with her new gray coat!

  3. Is there such a thing as too much gray?? Me thinks no. P.S. You’re so sweet. Sometimes when I wish my house was clean but it’s not I just look at those pictures and pretend :) P.P.S. We owe you a painting party so maybe we need to road trip to boulder!

    • That would be a LONG road trip but you know we would love love love to have you! The guest room has a real bed this time and the girls could have their first sleepover! AWWW. Your house is seriously so beautiful – you are so good at making inspiring rooms. That is not easy to do!

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  5. You have a great sense of style, and it translates well in your home. I love the color and all the decorating you’re doing…great job!

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