I’m a Nimbus-cile!

I was feeling inspired after Friday’s post so I roped Hubs into painting our living room on Saturday. This project was a massive undertaking, especially considering we have to plan everything around nap time.

Worse yet, my “perfect” light gray (Nimbus Cloud) turned out to be TOTALLY BLUE. Not gray with a blue undertone. But BLUE. See what I mean?

I’m trying to collect myself but seriously? How could have I messed this up? Why on earth didn’t I paint the whole test swatch on the wall to be sure before taking the plunge? Just like the mistake gray in the nursery, it’s not a bad color. I was actually considering a blue like this in the kitchen. But, not in the living room and the hallways.  *sigh*

Not only is our house blue and all of our crap is pushed into the center of the room, but we don’t have a ladder so there are weird patches of the original orangey beige peeking out. Awesome! It was one of those days that we would have made more progress by not doing anything at all, you know?

Where are you, Perfect Light Gray? Only in my dreams?

17 thoughts on “I’m a Nimbus-cile!

  1. SAD!!!!! I feel your pain (remember the 1000 sq. feet of Harbor Gray that really should have been named Harbor BLUE!?!?!) So frustrating. BUT, from here I actually think it looks really nice and not terribly blue-y! I see mostly gray and I bet if you stay away from accents of blue it will lean more towards gray than blue… In my book you are still rockstars for tackling a paint job (or any project for that matter) like that with a baby!

    • I remember the Harbor “Gray” all too well! It pains me too, considering your first office gray (Elephant Skin) was the most delicious dark gray of all time. It goes to show that gray is tricky beast. I wish I could work with this color but as the sun sets, the blue shines through even more. I’ll have to redo it at some point but I need to rest first and collect my thoughts. *deep breaths* :)

    • Kate, I’m so glad you mentioned this! Months ago, I had bought a gallon of Moonshine but it fell to tragedy (froze in our garage) without us ever using it. I had forgotten about it! I’m going to get a sample…I have serious hope that this might be the right gray – thank you!!!

  2. I love it! Looks good through the internet to Minnesota! When we painted our (entire) main floor gray (WIN!) it looked blue for days. As I was painting it, I was having a panic attack, thinking I’d made the biggest mistake ever. It’s definitely gray now, but looks blue in some lights. Give it time? Let the wounds heal? :)

    • After sitting with this color for a few days, it’s still itches. On the plus side though, the house looks so much cleaner than before so at least I have a sneak peek of what’s to come once I get the color corrected. It’s so light and airy and detracts from all of that goldy oak that we have going on. *claps* What color did you use in your house?

  3. *HUGS!* Oh Grays ARE hard!!!!! I too remember the beauty of that sweet elephant skin & longed for areas in our home where that would be on the walls in all it’s glory…..but somehow our lighting & windows didn’t make it work. Grays are so funny like that, perfect in the showroom….on the wall they’re like a mood ring or something. But in all seriousness, this color looks lovely on your walls! I totally agree with Emily, if you stay away from blue accents it’s completely comes off as gray far more than a blue. Some black & white accents…then a little pop of color will be gorgeous!! You guys continue to inspire us with your projects! I’m still just trying to get the laundry into the dryer before the mildew sets in :)

    • Both of Emily’s offices were outrageously awesome but man, I loved me some Elephant Skin! It’s funny how we had the same problem – that perfect color just didn’t seem to translate well in my own home. Thank you for all of the lovely comments – you all are much too nice to me!

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