Friday Tidbits

I’m still recovering from my painting “blues” but in the meantime, I took on a teeny tiny project to bolster my self confidence.

Last spring, my neighbor was in the process of moving out of the house across the street. You know how moving goes. She saw my baby bump as the perfect opportunity to gift me a bunch of old baby stuff she had lying around the house from her grand daughter. We got a broken down rocking chair (which we put out on the curb for free after they moved), a bouncy ball (which we used every day for the first three months of Amelie’s life!), a new piggy bank (with money in it and the tag still on it from Macy’s) and weird pair of maternity pants (also with tags). I thought it was probably a long shot, but Macy’s actually let me return the piggy bank and maternity pants since both were still new with tags. I skipped out of there two items lighter and $25 richer (in the form of a gift card). Score! Who would turn down free money? Not I.

The dear also gave me a few more things that went straight into the Goodwill pile. But, I did hang on to these bookends with plans of transforming them someday:

They were hand painted but too baby-y. Too theme-y. Plus, cats.

Enter stage right, pink spray paint:


Too cute, huh? You probably can’t tell from the pic but some of the blocks are tilted which gives them kind of a modern vibe.

I figure if I tire of the bright pink, I can spray paint them a deliciously clean white and use them in Hub’s office later on down the road.

And luckily I have some pink spray paint leftover…hoping to pink-afy this lamp.

On a side note, Halloween is almost here and I’m attempting to DIY Amelie’s costume. Wish me luck and lengthy nap times.


9 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Love the vivid pink!! Alan loves it as well!! Does Amelie not fit that other Flower costume or were you able to return that? You always have creative costumes. FUN! Happy Friday! lv mamap

  2. Like like like!!!! Way to go Mama! Oh and the “plus cats…” line literally made me spit my coffee out on my keyboard….

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