Raves & Faves: SEPTEMBER

I know, we are half way through November. This post probably wasn’t worth the effort.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of September loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. We started Amelie on solids. Let me tell you, I now appreciate how magical breastfed poo and pee smells. Solids? Do not smell nice. A long time ago, I bought three of these mini (dipping) bowls from Pier1:

They are $1.50 each and are perfect for condiments, sauces, used teabags and mixing up baby food for Amelie. I know when she gets older and wants to feed herself that these porcelain bowls will be off limits but for now they are awesome. We use them for everything!

2. Ahh, such a pretty song and his voice is crazy unique:

3. Coaching the high school cross country team. Looking on at my beautiful team with the sun sinking behind the mountains still makes me gasp:

4. Baby Lips by Maybelline:

I have this one (Quenched) and Peach Kiss. They are a summer staple because they have sunscreen!

5. Sadly, my Grandpa passed away in September. He was 94 and had such a good heart. Amelie and I flew back to Minnesota to attend his funeral and celebrate his long and lovely life. While the occasion was tainted with loss, I was still thankful to spend time with family and that Amelie was showered with lots of smooches. Here is a pic of my twin and I:

Just to going through the motions so here are 2010, 2011, and 2012 September Raves and Faves. Now on to October? Should I even bother?

Friday Tidbits

It’s Friday! I have a sunny little craft to share. Years ago, my MIL bought me this bucket from Target:

I’ve pulled it out for a few parties but truthfully, it’s lived mostly in storage. And it showed:

Poor thing. It needed some rehab love. So I spray painted it this color:

Sun Yellow! Doesn’t that sound so happy?

Since there was a good chunk of paint rusted out of the bottom, I added some chevron contact paper (which you’ll be seeing again sooooon):

Admittedly the bucket needed at least another coat of spray paint but I got impatient. I also cut the contact paper wonky and too small but I’m trying not to care (eye twitches) because even though it’s far from perfect – it’s DONE!

I put it in Amelie’s room. Right now it’s empty but I’m in no hurry to fill it.

This little lady has already managed to amass an amazing amount of stuff so I imagine it’ll be put to good use soon.

*Update. I’ve been storing Amelie’s clean cloth diapers in it now. SO CUTE.

What do you guys think? Is chevron still “in” or am I way too late to that party?

I’m late to everything these days. Doh.

Home Sweat Home: Living Room

You recall me painting my living room blue, right? Well, I finally found a gray…

Enter Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.

It was inspired by this blog post written by Emily Henderson, a designer for HGTV. Sadly, I read this article way back when I was living in my apartment. I knew about this gray already. But I worried that Gray Owl was much too light for my liking. I worried it was not “moody” enough. I was worried it was too soft. I disregarded it and went on my own search for the perfect gray and, as you know, fell flat on my face.

ANYWAY. I spent every spare minute of nap time last week repainting and Hubs had to help me this weekend to finish it up.

Let’s first check out the before, from inspection day:

And now the after:

A different angle:

It’s a very soft, airy, light gray. It’s just what this wide open space needed, especially in contrast to the deeper gray in the den and Amelie’s nursery (which is Ashes by Behr). Oooh, so fresh and clean! Well, cleaner anyway. I do admit that this gray can still read a bit blue during the day but my theory is the oak-everything is working against us. Did you know that if you pair gold eye shadow with blue eyes, it really makes blue eyes pop?  I think that’s exactly what all of this orangey oak is doing to the gray, enhancing any blue tones that might exist.

Pretend there is white trim and dark walnut floors instead. We plan to get rid of the oak furniture (or rehab it) as well as update the rust/cream pillows and accessories. We painted a quick swipe of primer on the front door trim just so we could get a better feel for what we hope it’ll look like someday (please excuse my terrible photography):

Me likey! The front door needs replacing and I want a funky colored door. Maybe a happy yellow one like Young House Love did for their second house?

Here is the hallway which lends a better view of the gray paired with white trim and walnut floors. Our delicious interior door (Zinc by Martha Stewart) plays nicely too!

Considering this picture of my favorite baby bird:

how could I not have known Gray Owl was the right choice in the first place?!?

Home Sweat Home

I almost forgot, in September we did some house updating! It was so exciting! Well, kinda.

See, it all started on a Sunday evening after a very long week since we were smack in the middle of Amelie’s month-long sleep strike. Along with not sleeping, she was also not pooping. Like, the TEN DAYS AND NO POOP kind of not pooping.

(Are you wondering what this has to do with house stuff?)

Anyway, I knew Poopmegedon was coming. So like I said earlier, Sunday night rolls around and we started on Amelie’s bedtime bath right in the middle of dinner because she was getting fussy. We plopped her in the tubby in the kitchen sink and then…

POOP HAPPENED. In the bath. Slimed over everything. In her hair, up her back, on us, in the sink, EVERYTHING. Ten days worth of poop is nothing to sneeze at.

We rejoiced! We high-fived! Yay for poop, I cheered!

I picked up Mrs. Slimey (I mean, Mrs. Smiley) and we headed to the real bath. I hosed her down and lathered her with excessive amount of soap and rinsed her off.

And that’s when the water would not shut off. The valve just spun around and around as water poured out. You guys, it was not awesome.

Thankfully Hubs knew how to shut the main water off (the access was in our very scary crawl space). But, we are far from handy people. We knew a plumber, especially on a Sunday evening, would cost a fortune and I suspected we’d be without water for at least a day. No flushing, no drinking, no teeth brushing, no cleaning a kitchen smeared in feces…

I put Amelie to bed. After some research via The Google and You Tube, we decided to try fixing the valve on our shower ourselves (shudders!). After two trips to Home Depot and one to Lowes because Home Depot was closed, Hubs picked up an assortment of tools and valves.

And we basically followed this tutorial:

You’ll never believe this (I barely do) but by golly, it worked!

Sorry, I have no pictures of my own because Hubs and I fell into bed relieved and utterly exhausted. Plus from the outside, everything looks exactly the same!

So this ends my picture-less post on our recent house updating. It’s no glorious before and after picture (that’s coming soon though!) but I thought I’d share anyway.

Been doing any not so fun house updating lately? Did you fall asleep during this post?