Home Sweat Home

I almost forgot, in September we did some house updating! It was so exciting! Well, kinda.

See, it all started on a Sunday evening after a very long week since we were smack in the middle of Amelie’s month-long sleep strike. Along with not sleeping, she was also not pooping. Like, the TEN DAYS AND NO POOP kind of not pooping.

(Are you wondering what this has to do with house stuff?)

Anyway, I knew Poopmegedon was coming. So like I said earlier, Sunday night rolls around and we started on Amelie’s bedtime bath right in the middle of dinner because she was getting fussy. We plopped her in the tubby in the kitchen sink and then…

POOP HAPPENED. In the bath. Slimed over everything. In her hair, up her back, on us, in the sink, EVERYTHING. Ten days worth of poop is nothing to sneeze at.

We rejoiced! We high-fived! Yay for poop, I cheered!

I picked up Mrs. Slimey (I mean, Mrs. Smiley) and we headed to the real bath. I hosed her down and lathered her with excessive amount of soap and rinsed her off.

And that’s when the water would not shut off. The valve just spun around and around as water poured out. You guys, it was not awesome.

Thankfully Hubs knew how to shut the main water off (the access was in our very scary crawl space). But, we are far from handy people. We knew a plumber, especially on a Sunday evening, would cost a fortune and I suspected we’d be without water for at least a day. No flushing, no drinking, no teeth brushing, no cleaning a kitchen smeared in feces…

I put Amelie to bed. After some research via The Google and You Tube, we decided to try fixing the valve on our shower ourselves (shudders!). After two trips to Home Depot and one to Lowes because Home Depot was closed, Hubs picked up an assortment of tools and valves.

And we basically followed this tutorial:

You’ll never believe this (I barely do) but by golly, it worked!

Sorry, I have no pictures of my own because Hubs and I fell into bed relieved and utterly exhausted. Plus from the outside, everything looks exactly the same!

So this ends my picture-less post on our recent house updating. It’s no glorious before and after picture (that’s coming soon though!) but I thought I’d share anyway.

Been doing any not so fun house updating lately? Did you fall asleep during this post?

8 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

  1. OMG. Parenting and home ownership keeps us on our toes!!! Good job SIL and thecandace. I am glad you have each other. ::)) lv mamap

  2. That’s a whole lotta poop! Poor Amelie, I bet she was feeling like a whole new girl after that BM! Too bad it was in the kitchen sink, but Hey – that’s why there’s bleach!

    Nice work on the plumbing DIY – plumbing totally intimidates me!! And bonus points for finding a handy-dandy You Tube vid. My foray into DIY home fixes via You Tube were less successful. You & Zack just became my DIY Superhero’s!!!!

    • I imagine folks like us are only blessed with so much newbie plumber’s luck. Next time is bound to go a lot less smoothly, I’m certain!

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