Friday Tidbits

It’s Friday! I have a sunny little craft to share. Years ago, my MIL bought me this bucket from Target:

I’ve pulled it out for a few parties but truthfully, it’s lived mostly in storage. And it showed:

Poor thing. It needed some rehab love. So I spray painted it this color:

Sun Yellow! Doesn’t that sound so happy?

Since there was a good chunk of paint rusted out of the bottom, I added some chevron contact paper (which you’ll be seeing again sooooon):

Admittedly the bucket needed at least another coat of spray paint but I got impatient. I also cut the contact paper wonky and too small but I’m trying not to care (eye twitches) because even though it’s far from perfect – it’s DONE!

I put it in Amelie’s room. Right now it’s empty but I’m in no hurry to fill it.

This little lady has already managed to amass an amazing amount of stuff so I imagine it’ll be put to good use soon.

*Update. I’ve been storing Amelie’s clean cloth diapers in it now. SO CUTE.

What do you guys think? Is chevron still “in” or am I way too late to that party?

I’m late to everything these days. Doh.

6 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. That will be a good place for some toys. It is beautiful Plus when baby girl starts moving around, it will be a good place for her to sit and play boat or car or train or elephant. The possibilities are endless. I love the chevron. lv mamap

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