Raves & Faves: SEPTEMBER

I know, we are half way through November. This post probably wasn’t worth the effort.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of September loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. We started Amelie on solids. Let me tell you, I now appreciate how magical breastfed poo and pee smells. Solids? Do not smell nice. A long time ago, I bought three of these mini (dipping) bowls from Pier1:

They are $1.50 each and are perfect for condiments, sauces, used teabags and mixing up baby food for Amelie. I know when she gets older and wants to feed herself that these porcelain bowls will be off limits but for now they are awesome. We use them for everything!

2. Ahh, such a pretty song and his voice is crazy unique:

3. Coaching the high school cross country team. Looking on at my beautiful team with the sun sinking behind the mountains still makes me gasp:

4. Baby Lips by Maybelline:

I have this one (Quenched) and Peach Kiss. They are a summer staple because they have sunscreen!

5. Sadly, my Grandpa passed away in September. He was 94 and had such a good heart. Amelie and I flew back to Minnesota to attend his funeral and celebrate his long and lovely life. While the occasion was tainted with loss, I was still thankful to spend time with family and that Amelie was showered with lots of smooches. Here is a pic of my twin and I:

Just to going through the motions so here are 2010, 2011, and 2012 September Raves and Faves. Now on to October? Should I even bother?

8 thoughts on “Raves & Faves: SEPTEMBER

  1. 6. Raves and Faves – I love these posts! If the cross country kids had a Raves and Faves, Coach (the) Candace would surely be at the top. Great pic of you and your bro, btw.

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