Friday Tidbits

It’s Friday and I have a Christmas craft to share!

You probably remember/don’t care that our Christmas decor color scheme is red and gold. Although festive, we’ve been rocking this theme for a handful of years now.

Like 8 years.

I’m yearning for something more sophisticated like silver, gold, and bronze. Or maybe something fresh and funky like greens and turquoise.


I’ve had this cute tree from Pier1 for a long while.

It got roughed up in our last two moves causing a few cracked bulbs and scratches.  I was thinking of putting this in Amelie’s room but those colors would totally clash. Have no fear, Rehab Candace to the rescue!

First I spray painted it white to give myself a nice even base to work with…

Once Michaels was running a sale on Martha Stewart craft paints, I picked out a few colors, starting painting and…


This, my friends, is an official Christmas FAIL. First of all, it’s nearly impossible to paint one bulb without inadvertently painting the two next to it. I also realized each bulb would take me at least two coats to get nice full coverage. After I calculated how many more naps this tree would take to transform completely, I decided to scrap it!

Here’s to hoping my next Christmas craft is much more successful. I’ll share with you regardless!

Doing any Christmas crafting this weekend?

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