Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Dudes

Stocking Stuffers for Dudes

It was hard to put this together – I think shopping for men, especially little stocking stuffers, is next to impossible. I say, when in doubt, go the digestible route: beer, homemade treats, salsas, sports drinks, beef jerky…

Any go-to stocking stuffers for men that you can think of? Were these posts remotely interesting? Are you done with your holiday shopping yet?


8 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide

  1. I’m done with my shopping! Guys are definitely the hardest to shop for. I find has pretty much awesome guy gifts. I went with a Swedish fire steel, a pick punch, and lots of food/beer items. :) Also, by request, underwear. So glamorous!

    • Kristy, you are a SuperWoman/Mom Christmas machine! I hate to admit it, but I still have one more gift to pick up but Amelie has put the brakes on that this week. I despise last minute shopping! She’s going through a funk though so I am trying to be flexible. Thanks for the ThinkGeek suggestion. They have the wildest stuff – you are guaranteed to find something memorable and unique!

  2. Is it too late to bump our gift budget to include stockings? I’m not sure why you think it’s hard to buy for me – all the gifts you post are spot on!

  3. I especially love the tea infuser. That is the coolest ever. I like buying T-shirts, socks and underwear for the men in my life. Books are good but you have to know what they have read and so on. I love flashlights as a stocking stuffer. Every one needs a little flashlight. These posts are very interesting. It is nice to see what you think is desirable. I have a few gift cards to pick up this weekend and I am finished, plus some presents for Chris’s boys. They turn 3 on the 25th. Not many on my Christmas list this year so I am sending some extra to Salvation Army. Have a great day. lv mamap

    • I think it’s always fascinating to see what gift guides others put together too. It gets me brainstorming and excited! Those are all great suggestions too! I think one of the best gifts you ever gave were the kitchen shears. We have used them EVERY DAY since you bought those for us! That was a homerun stocking stuffer!

  4. I loved those shears as well. I think we get to worried about what people are going to think and that puts a damper on gift selection. It is actually more fun to buy for strangers than family!!! Have a great weekend. lv mamap.

    • True, it’s so easy to get caught up in worry! As of yesterday, I was super satisfied with Hubs’ gift and now today? I’m not confident whatsoever! Doh!

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