Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Cyber Monday! The holidays are officially here so let’s all give a grand cheer for consumerism, shall we?

For your convenience, I’ve put together a holiday gift guide to help you buy that *perfect gift* for the lady in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide: ALL THE JINGLE LADIES (under $50)

Actually, these are just things that I want. You’re lucky I narrowed it down to 6. Go ahead, take a gander.Holiday Gift Guide: All The Jingle Ladies

Philosophy bubble bath
Philosophy has adorable gift sets. I think this one would encourage me to shower more often than every three days even!

Minnetonka shoes
I can tell I’m getting old. I have to wear slippers with soles otherwise my back starts to hurt when I’m shuffling around the house. Every day I’m a SHUFFLIN. (Had to).

Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur
All of the beauty bloggers are raving about this sweet smelling boxed powder blush and why not have rosy cheeks to draw attention away from the spit up on my shirt?

CARDIGANS. You can’t go wrong with gray.

Christmas Friends
This is one of those “if I were rich…” type of gifts. It’s pricey but looky how cute this set is!

Be Amazing Tangerine And Fresh Bergamont Reed Diffuser
I want the soy candle version of this scent and you can find it at Target stores. Don’t we all need the reminder to Be Amazing? I think so.

Can you believe I double posted today? What are you lusting after this holiday season? I really need is a new nursing bra but what fun is that? Would you be interested in seeing other Holiday Gift Guides if I somehow manage to put more together? Should I stop with the questions already?

Raves & Faves: OCTOBER

I can’t just skip October. It’s the best month of the year.

Here is my Top 5 (only 5 now) list of October loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. We successfully sleep trained Amelie. Ohmergerd, we should have done it WAY EARLIER. Those days were lunacy and I’m so glad we all survived!

2. Yes, Miley Cyrus. Don’t judge me.

3. These goofy kids are some of the best runners in the state of Colorado:

4. A dear friend from Minnesota came by to visit and smooch up Amelie. How cute, they coordinate!

5. Of course Baby Butt’s first Halloween was a highlight, as well as visiting the pumpkin patch. We did buy a pumpkin but never got around to carving it. MOM FAIL Alert.

That’s it, sorry. Bored? A look back on 2010, 2011 and 2012 will probably make you even more. I wouldn’t do it.