Friday Tidbits

Sorry for skipping out last Friday without even a hello. I was going to come up with an excuse as to why but I can’t think of any so why even bother?

Remember when I was de-mauving?

Well last week, I painted a few more doors! Four of them, in fact. I was going to show you pictures but then I realized it’s far from exciting to see the same project on repeat…

THIS week, I made a little more progress. I broke out the primer and went to town! See?

(YES. Those blue stairs still exist. *gags*)

This is after two coats of primer. I was hoping to have the trim all caulked and painted a nice fresh white for you today but that just didn’t happen. Truth is, I’m a little intimidated by the caulk gun. Instead, I started priming everything in sight because why finish anything when you can just move on to something new?

I’m taking The Dingy out one nap at a time. I feel so accomplished!

Happy Friday, everyone! We got snow so a 5 minute sledding date is in Amelie’s future (her interest evaporates quickly). I bet she can’t wait!


Our Christmas Card

Christmas was “a year ago” but I’ve decided to write about it anyway. How relevant for you!

Oh the yearly Christmas card. I have an adore-despise relationship with them. How can one little tiny piece of paper be SO MUCH WORK?

I tried, sincerely. I got the whole family rounded up, showered (!) and we set out to get a family photo against the backdrop of the beautiful CO mountains. Let’s see how they turned out, shall we?

The sun was too high (SHADOWS EVERYWHERE) and the wind was not kind. My scarf. Doesn’t it look like I’m wearing another baby under there? Also, I look constipated. Maybe I was!

My little sweetie. That ponytail makes me drool. But me? Watering eyes, furrowed brow and a strained smile doesn’t lend itself to much Christmas cheer, now does it? Worst of all? I forgot I was wearing that backpack stuffed with Baby Mum Mums to keep Amelie cooperative. I FORGOT I WAS WEARING IT, can you believe that?

Next up, the whole family:

Yeah. It’s far from our best.

Since Emily lives in Maine, I realized a beautiful family photo shoot wasn’t really a possibility. My vision of that home-run Amelie’s first Christmas card completely fizzled.

This is what we ended up with:

It’s the best we could muster with an 8 month old. We took the photos in our backyard instead of in the mountains. Sad, huh?

Then, there’s the Christmas letter. How do you sum up a year that you created a Life in? How to you condense the days that never ended but the months that disappeared too quickly? What do you talk about when you’ve been so busy without doing much of anything at all?

Finally, well after Christmas was over, I sat down and wrote just that:

Oh, they’re over already?

I was going to blame the chaos of new parenthood for my Christmas card tardiness this year but the truth is I had plenty of time – I just didn’t know what to write. I wanted to avoid all of the silly cliches like “what an amazing journey this year has been!” and really tell you how 2013 has changed us. But trying to sum it up has me stumped. How about I do the best I can?

Last year, a few days before Christmas, we closed on our house. It’s perfect in a long To Do list sort of way. We’ve started redoing each of the rooms but haven’t finished any of them.  It’s simultaneously exciting and exhausting transforming this house into our home and we know it’s going to take time. Please come visit so we can admire the horrendous kitchen wallpaper together over a cup of Zack’s fresh roasted coffee.

Speaking of time, we spend a lot of that at home. Zack works from home on his startups. I continue to coach high school cross country and track in the afternoons but recently took on the job of stay at home Mommy to our snuggle butt, Amelie Quinn.

Amelie arrived via c-section (darn those placental abruptions!) on April 11th 2013, one week before her due date. She was a tiny thing with a smushed nose, a surprise dimple and loads of blonde-tipped dark hair. Since her birth, there have been blurry days, teary days, looooong days, snuggly days but most days, we are in awe. Amelie adores her Dad, being outside and eating anything (doesn’t matter what!). She is shy, curious, goofy and outrageously cute!

Amelie is the best gift, Christmas or otherwise, we have ever been blessed with. I know, I had to sneak in one cliche before I signed off, didn’t I?

Sending you lots of love and baby toots from Colorado, Candace, Zack and Amelie

There you have it. Did you send out Christmas cards this year? Am I right that they are basically a full time job for a few weeks?


My Amelie

Amelie tidbits so I don’t forget:

LOVES: Taking her vitamins, eating (with enthusiastic/borderline aggressive MMMMMs! between each bite), knocking over little towers of stuff that Dad builds for her, being outside, napping, and snuggles with Mom – but only when she is desperately tired.

DISLIKES: Dogs (they terrify her to instant tears), breastfeeding (more on that sometime), baths (which is ironic since they were our only moments of calm in the early days), and anyone besides Mom or Dad – especially if they approach quickly.

Typical schedule:

7:15am – wakes and plays with Dad until she realizes that she IS STARVING.

9:00am: goes down for her first nap.

10.30am: wakes and we do lunch, playtime and sometimes a small errand.

1:00pm: goes down for a second nap.

2:30pm: wakes, eats and we get packed up for practice.

5:30pm: dinner and lots of play time with Dad, plus usual fussiness.

6:15pm: bath time (lasts only a few minutes and then wants out), lotion (we coat her!) and naked play time, which she thinks is AWESOME.

7:00pm: jammies, feeding, kisses and off to bed. She usually sleeps through the night with a few wakings where she typically self soothes.

What I’m learning about Amelie is that she is mostly predictable. I can always expect our week to go like so: there will be a few nights of putting her to bed where it is a breeze, followed by a few nights where it’s more of a struggle. The struggle is always different and varying in degree, but now I know that two easy nights will be followed by a few funky ones. It’s the same with the daytime naps. One day a week, her nap schedule goes straight into the toilet. We both have to just survive it best we know how. And one day a week she naps like a champ, so much so that I end up sitting around just waiting for her to wake up because I wasn’t prepared to take advantage of the big chunk of free time. And of course, I usually worry that something is amiss and fret until she eventually wakes up. The rest of the week, her naps are pretty decent (varying from 45 min to 1.5 hours). The afternoons are still our worst part of the day – it’s the longest period of wakefulness and she gets fussy towards the end.

It helps immensely to take her to track practice because we are both forced to get outside and embrace new surroundings. She loves everything about it; the people, the commotion, the exploring.

It’s such a positive outlet for us, even though it’s exhausting trying to manage her and coach simultaneously.

My happy girl is worth it:


My Amelie

I was re-reading old blog posts (yeah, I’m THAT girl) and I stumbled across my weekly Baby Bump posts. Oh how I wish I would have been posting regular updates now that Amelie is “on the outside”. Just as I feared, all of the days of her life are kind of blurring together in my foggy groggy brain.

It’s never to late to start though, right?

Age: 9 months TODAY!

She just learned to crawl and she is very proficient. Our house is so far from safe right now and we’ve got to remedy that STAT. She first started by “booty popping” then transitioned to scooting on her tummy pushing around with her tippy toes and finally figured how to pop her knees up underneath her body. She sometimes gets fancy and does downward facing dog!

She works so hard and it’s ridiculously adorable.

Along with crawling, she’s been exploring with her forefinger. She points and scrapes at everything she finds on her trips along the floor: lint, crumbs, dents, jalapeno seeds (oh no!)…as well as finger my nose, lips, and nips during breastfeeding. “That’s Mommy’s” I say and usually she moves on to poking my (now very deep) belly button and the subsequent squish around it. “That’s also Mommy’s, unfortunately” I say.

Here is Amelie fingering a puddle of her spit up. Classy, no?

I want to keep these updates short so I’m not intimidated to write them. Amelie is such a happy sweet lady. I love her mucho mucho.

Friday Tidbits

It’s barely still Friday but this counts! I decided not to do a Christmas Haul post (like I did last year) since it might be insanely boring for you again. Even so, I thought I’d show you the owl mug Hubs surprised me with (it’s from Target). I’m smitten:

On the back it says “Owl always love you” which is adorable (and probably undeserved most days when I’m low on sleep).

Hope you have a mushy weekend. :)


Raves & Faves: DECEMBER

December came! I didn’t make nearly as many cookies as I was hoping…

ANYWAY. Here is my list of December loves.

1. Candy Cane Bliss soap by Bath and Body Works – it smells yummy and Christmas-y.

I thought this might feel “cold” and have a harsh peppermint scent. Instead, it’s creamy, sweet, vanilla-y with a hint of peppermint. Even the Hubs approved!

2. Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea.

I loved curling up in front of the twinkly Christmas tree with a steamy cup of tea after putting Amelie to sleep. Celestial Seasonings is a local company and I thought their holiday teas were an easy way to embrace some Christmas cheer, as well as being such festive filler for the gifts we gave.

3. A few summers ago, my Mom bought me The Buffy by Lush. It’s an exfoliating lotion bar that you smooth on in the shower. Just to be clear (because I found this a little confusing), it’s not a soap – it’s a lotion in a solid bar form. It’s nice for the winter so you don’t have to smear on loads of lotion after your shower:

Lush products are decadent (ie pricey) and this was no exception. I doubt I would ever buy this for myself but it’s such a treat! Do you have any favorites from Lush?

4. Obviously Amelie’s First Christmas had to make it in here; it wore us all out!

She was so super spoiled and I loved it!

5. And, I’ll leave you with this adorable commercial:

We aren’t even mid-way through January and I’ve already posted December Raves and Faves! Not too shabby, Candace! *pats self on back*

For your endless delight, Raves & Faves of yore: 2012, 2011, and 2010.

Friday Tidbits

I thought I’d “kick” off your weekend with girlie awesomeness:

Baby ballet flats! I KNOW!!!

In other news…Amelie is officially crawling (and eating things she finds off of the floor)!

Happy, happy Friday to you all! Stay warm, Midwest!

Happy New Year!

Whoa, 2013 was a special/nutty one! Wonder what this new year has in store?

To kick the year off right, I picked up a sparkly new desk calendar, tabs, new file folders and a little tablet… perfect for list making. YAY, lists!

I’m determined to get our house more organized! How are you spending the first day of the new year?