Friday Tidbits

Sorry for skipping out last Friday without even a hello. I was going to come up with an excuse as to why but I can’t think of any so why even bother?

Remember when I was de-mauving?

Well last week, I painted a few more doors! Four of them, in fact. I was going to show you pictures but then I realized it’s far from exciting to see the same project on repeat…

THIS week, I made a little more progress. I broke out the primer and went to town! See?

(YES. Those blue stairs still exist. *gags*)

This is after two coats of primer. I was hoping to have the trim all caulked and painted a nice fresh white for you today but that just didn’t happen. Truth is, I’m a little intimidated by the caulk gun. Instead, I started priming everything in sight because why finish anything when you can just move on to something new?

I’m taking The Dingy out one nap at a time. I feel so accomplished!

Happy Friday, everyone! We got snow so a 5 minute sledding date is in Amelie’s future (her interest evaporates quickly). I bet she can’t wait!


8 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. We’re going to need a couple more cans of primer to get through all our updating. But boy, is it looking better already! Big props to The Candace for making huge house progress in such small windows of time.

  2. I love your house. Blue carpet and all. You are a wonder worker thecandace. When I come we can do some caulking. Love to all lv mamap

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