My Amelie

AGE: 10.5 months

Amelie has been very tired this week. She’s been going down easy for bed time, her naps have been substantial and when she wakes, she’s not up for very long before rubbing her eyes signaling to us that she is ready to sleep again. This follows a week of clinginess, irritability, rough naps, hard fought bedtime routines, and not sleeping very well through the night. She must be going through a growth spurt.

Making noises: Her big sound experiment used to be a throaty gasping sound and then it moved to an open mouth hiss. It’s so funny. She also does the usual (ADORABLE) baby babbles indiscriminately: baba, dada, mummum.

I’ve given up on breastfeeding and pumping completely. I was sad at first but now I accept it. It gives me a lot more freedom and I’m trying to enjoy it. But whoa, formula is so expensive!

She pulls herself to standing now and she keeps very busy practicing this new talent!

She also waved “bye bye” for the first time this week. She waved to Michael (the handyman who built our wall) of all people! It was hilarious (and a little shocking considering she’s usually suspicious of strangers).

Oma (MamaP) was in town and Amelie enjoyed the extra attention. She’s a shy but social little girl. She wants to be involved and interacted with.

It was also Daddy’s birthday! She LOVES being with her Daddy.

She knows how to make him melty! And so it begins…


Friday Tidbits

Big changes have been going down this week and I couldn’t wait to share…

Do you remember our baby death trap railing?

With a baby on the move, this railing terrified me. Amelie could be crawling around the dining room table and whoopsies, fall into the den to her death. So we did something about it. We TORE IT OUT AND BUILT A WALL. See?

Actually, I didn’t do anything except drink coffee and watch our German handyman, Michael, do everything. He was hesitant about closing up our open floor plan and told me “I’ll do it, but I’m not going to like it.”

But you know what? I love it and that’s what matters.

Here’s the back, framed:

And now with drywall, tape, mud and texture:

Here is the finished wall view from the den. I’m thinking of adding cabinetry for extra storage. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Not only does it save the babies, it cozies up the rooms and cuts down on the noise transfer. Finally Hubs can watch TV in the den while I watch TED talks the Panda Cam at the kitchen table.

Along with a new wall, we had the handrails revamped. Surprisingly, updating these were the most labor intensive of all. Notice how they were uneven?

Michael fixed those right up!

Now they match, they are even, they are up to code and you can’t knock them over if you accidentally sneeze loudly in their general direction. Yay for safety! Even MamaP approves!

Happy Friday, friends. You know what? Go and build yourself a wall if you want to.


Home Sweat Home: Front Door

Another door! I doubt this blog could get any more exciting.

Last Sunday, Hubs declared Candace Day. I got to do whatever I wanted and he took care of Amelie all day long. I’ll let you revel in that awesomeness for a moment.

I went for a morning run, had breakfast with a girlfriend, took a nap and painted the front door! It was the best day ever!

Let’s start with a before:

First of all, I had primed, caulked, painted the trim with a coat (actually, 3) of fresh white while I was making over this other door. This step took me a long while.

Finally, it was ready for some fun, wouldn’t you say?

Inspired by YoungHouseLove’s yellow door, I picked this color in literally 5 seconds and decided to go for it:

It’s Yellow Magnolia by Martha Stewart. It’s not too gold, not too neon, not too country/pastely. You know I have a long history of making bad paint color decisions so it could have turned out disastrous.

Instead, it turned out so happy! See?

Ohmergerd, me likey so much!

It took about 4 coats because I neglected to use a primer. It was totally worth the few hours of labor and $13 bucks for paint!

I only painted the inside of the door for two reasons: eventually we are replacing this front door altogether (it was put in improperly and “sticks” – plus I’m not a fan of the ornate window) and I thought this punchy yellow would look a little nutty with our brown/tan color scheme on the outside of the house. A long time from now, I’d like to get the house painted (you guessed it, some sort of gray) but there is waaay too much to do on the inside to worry about that right now.

Another picture?

Don’t you love it? You must say you do!

Home Sweat Home

I’ve been slacking in my blog life but swearsies, I’ve been working hard on the home front. Err, the house front. You know what I mean. Anyway, I’ve been busting my butt for the last few weeks. Weeks. Can I show you what I’ve been up to during nap time?

Let’s revisit to the coat closet in the living room, ok?

As you know, I painted the door my favorite color of all, Zinc by Martha Stewart. Then it sat there like this for oh, 4ish months:

Of course, we eventually painted the room gray (after much heartache).

Then, I slapped two coats of primer on the oak trim and it looked like so:

YAY!!! Looks so fresh! So clean!

But if you get up close…

and like this:

The trim in our house is just plain crap.  I overcame my fear of using the caulk gun and got to work. I caulked it, added three coats of fresh white paint over top, plus a round of touchups and now it looks like this!

No more ugly gaps! (Or rather, they are mostly minimized):

Of course, I added some bling by switching out those nasty brassy hinges too!

Are you asking yourself, it took her weeks to do ONE door?

The answer is yes! Go me!

Friday Tidbits

What better way to kick off Valentine’s Day than spray painting something pink? Remember when I added a jolt of pink to the nursery with these bookends?

I had leftover spray paint from that project so I went to town on this Goodwill lamp:

And now, it looks like this:

I also spray painted the cord white (which you can’t see since it’s zip tied underneath the table) and that was the most difficult part. I should have painted it with craft paint because I read somewhere that spray paint doesn’t cure nicely onto rubber but ah well, done is done!

The lamp has been pink for forever but I’ve been on a hunt for a replacement shade. After one mistake purchase (to the tune of $12.99…doh) I found this little pink gem on clearance at Target last week for $3.88! It’s not the perfect match in person but it’s good enough.

More nursery tweaking: New Curtains. Ahem, LIGHT BLOCKING CURTAINS.

(Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures. The walls are indeed gray, even though they look almost lavender above).

The “new” curtains happened ages ago as well. You may remember them from this post. I never shared them with you because of two reasons: they are too short and they were ridiculously wrinkled. I know it doesn’t look like it, but I actually attempted to iron them for this blog post but Amelie’s cooperation was fleeting. So, still wrinkled but not as bad as before. Maybe one day I’ll get around to moving the hardware so the curtains touch the ground. It’s a funny conundrum because I can’t do this project when Amelie’s awake (heaven’s forbid I even want to drink a cup of coffee while Amelie is awake) and I certainly can’t do it when she’s sleeping –

So, maybe when she moves out?

On that note, Happy Valentine’s Day.

My Amelie

Amelie has never been an overly chatty babbling baby. But recently, she’s been so much more vocal – her favorite phrase being “Eehhh?!?” It’s soooo adorable.

She is now scaling stairs (ack!) with (very paranoid) supervision. We lowered the crib this week too because we knew we were within days of her figuring out that she could pull herself up to standing in it.

FOODS: She’s tried broccoli, kale, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnip, acorn squash, zucchini, tofu, applesauce, blueberries, bananas, yogurt, puffs, and Baby Mum Mums. She used to eat anything and everything with gusto, but in the last week she’s become more picky. She’s starting to show preference to fruits and yogurt and only eats her veggies when they are blended up.

As far as breastfeeding goes, I’d say she’s 90% formula now, which pains me. She’s uninterested in breastfeeding, except in the mornings. My milk supply is absolutely terrible so I’m not sure how much longer we will keep this up, especially since she’s started yanking and clamping down on me as well.

Everyday, I have to bring Amelie somewhere – anywhere –  to get out of the house because she is so bored! On Monday, we went to Kohls. I made a return and then we sat in the shoe section and crawled around while people stepped around us for over an hour. That’s my life people.

Here, Amelie is helping Dad inspect the new box of coffee beans that we got in the mail:

She is very busy!


Raves & Faves: JANUARY

We’re already one month in to the new year! Here is my list of January loves.

1. Oh how this brought me back to my desk job days. Silly conference calls

2. When we had guests come visit in July, I bought this set of shampoo and conditioner to stick in the guest shower.

Lately I’ve been sneaking down there to shower so I don’t wake Amelie. And I’ve been loving these! I know it’s only Suave but they smell AMAZING. Has anyone tried this line before?

3. Track practice. Amelie was taking pointers from the jump coach while the rest of the team warmed up:

4. Even though I’ve been very busy with the downstairs trim, we also started working on the office redo! Will it be as uninspiring as the guest room reveal? Maybe so!

5. Amelie.

She’s so fun and SO cute and I’m not just saying that because I’m her Mom. It’s purely factual!

Just because: January Raves and Faves of 2011, 2012 and 2013. I’ve been known to go back and re-read old blog posts but even I didn’t bother with these.