My Amelie

Amelie has never been an overly chatty babbling baby. But recently, she’s been so much more vocal – her favorite phrase being “Eehhh?!?” It’s soooo adorable.

She is now scaling stairs (ack!) with (very paranoid) supervision. We lowered the crib this week too because we knew we were within days of her figuring out that she could pull herself up to standing in it.

FOODS: She’s tried broccoli, kale, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnip, acorn squash, zucchini, tofu, applesauce, blueberries, bananas, yogurt, puffs, and Baby Mum Mums. She used to eat anything and everything with gusto, but in the last week she’s become more picky. She’s starting to show preference to fruits and yogurt and only eats her veggies when they are blended up.

As far as breastfeeding goes, I’d say she’s 90% formula now, which pains me. She’s uninterested in breastfeeding, except in the mornings. My milk supply is absolutely terrible so I’m not sure how much longer we will keep this up, especially since she’s started yanking and clamping down on me as well.

Everyday, I have to bring Amelie somewhere – anywhere – ┬áto get out of the house because she is so bored! On Monday, we went to Kohls. I made a return and then we sat in the shoe section and crawled around while people stepped around us for over an hour. That’s my life people.

Here, Amelie is helping Dad inspect the new box of coffee beans that we got in the mail:

She is very busy!


10 thoughts on “My Amelie

  1. It’s been so fun to see Amelie change on literally a daily basis. Every day she gets noticeably better at pulling herself to a stand using anything she can get her hands on, including items mere inches off the floor, resulting in more of a downward-dog than a stand.

  2. Hello! Long time no commenting :/ I’ve been a terrible bloggy follower and decided I needed to catch up!

    Miss Amelie is getting even more super cute!

  3. I meant to say in my last comment that I am ready to climb the stairs and crawl the floors with Amelie Quinn. I can’t wait to read a few books and have a few yodeling lessons with the young lady. ::)) lv mamap

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