Friday Tidbits

What better way to kick off Valentine’s Day than spray painting something pink? Remember when I added a jolt of pink to the nursery with these bookends?

I had leftover spray paint from that project so I went to town on this Goodwill lamp:

And now, it looks like this:

I also spray painted the cord white (which you can’t see since it’s zip tied underneath the table) and that was the most difficult part. I should have painted it with craft paint because I read somewhere that spray paint doesn’t cure nicely onto rubber but ah well, done is done!

The lamp has been pink for forever but I’ve been on a hunt for a replacement shade. After one mistake purchase (to the tune of $12.99…doh) I found this little pink gem on clearance at Target last week for $3.88! It’s not the perfect match in person but it’s good enough.

More nursery tweaking: New Curtains. Ahem, LIGHT BLOCKING CURTAINS.

(Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures. The walls are indeed gray, even though they look almost lavender above).

The “new” curtains happened ages ago as well. You may remember them from this post. I never shared them with you because of two reasons: they are too short and they were ridiculously wrinkled. I know it doesn’t look like it, but I actually attempted to iron them for this blog post but Amelie’s cooperation was fleeting. So, still wrinkled but not as bad as before. Maybe one day I’ll get around to moving the hardware so the curtains touch the ground. It’s a funny conundrum because I can’t do this project when Amelie’s awake (heaven’s forbid I even want to drink a cup of coffee while Amelie is awake) and I certainly can’t do it when she’s sleeping –

So, maybe when she moves out?

On that note, Happy Valentine’s Day.

9 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

    • I have, actually – great idea Jossie! I think that would look ADORABLE and I like having extra high hung curtains to give the room some height. But, sewing. I don’t do it. I might rope my MIL into doing it for me if I find really awesome fabric. Thanks for the tip!!!

  1. The pink lamp adds a great splash of color to the nursery, and I’m glad you didn’t mention my role in the 1st replacement shade debacle.

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