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I’ve been slacking in my blog life but swearsies, I’ve been working hard on the home front. Err, the house front. You know what I mean. Anyway, I’ve been busting my butt for the last few weeks. Weeks. Can I show you what I’ve been up to during nap time?

Let’s revisit to the coat closet in the living room, ok?

As you know, I painted the door my favorite color of all, Zinc by Martha Stewart. Then it sat there like this for oh, 4ish months:

Of course, we eventually painted the room gray (after much heartache).

Then, I slapped two coats of primer on the oak trim and it looked like so:

YAY!!! Looks so fresh! So clean!

But if you get up close…

and like this:

The trim in our house is just plain crap.  I overcame my fear of using the caulk gun and got to work. I caulked it, added three coats of fresh white paint over top, plus a round of touchups and now it looks like this!

No more ugly gaps! (Or rather, they are mostly minimized):

Of course, I added some bling by switching out those nasty brassy hinges too!

Are you asking yourself, it took her weeks to do ONE door?

The answer is yes! Go me!

9 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home

  1. We really need to appreciate each DIY victory because our house has so many projects remaining that we’ve got to find ways to keep morale high. High five to the Candace!

  2. I’m so proud of you thecandace! Isn’t paintable caulk a wonderful thing? The doors look stunning. I love the hardware change as well. Keep up the good work. It should be done in 15 years or so for Amelie’s graduation from high school! lv mamap

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