Home Sweat Home: Front Door

Another door! I doubt this blog could get any more exciting.

Last Sunday, Hubs declared Candace Day. I got to do whatever I wanted and he took care of Amelie all day long. I’ll let you revel in that awesomeness for a moment.

I went for a morning run, had breakfast with a girlfriend, took a nap and painted the front door! It was the best day ever!

Let’s start with a before:

First of all, I had primed, caulked, painted the trim with a coat (actually, 3) of fresh white while I was making over this other door. This step took me a long while.

Finally, it was ready for some fun, wouldn’t you say?

Inspired by YoungHouseLove’s yellow door, I picked this color in literally 5 seconds and decided to go for it:

It’s Yellow Magnolia by Martha Stewart. It’s not too gold, not too neon, not too country/pastely. You know I have a long history of making bad paint color decisions so it could have turned out disastrous.

Instead, it turned out so happy! See?

Ohmergerd, me likey so much!

It took about 4 coats because I neglected to use a primer. It was totally worth the few hours of labor and $13 bucks for paint!

I only painted the inside of the door for two reasons: eventually we are replacing this front door altogether (it was put in improperly and “sticks” – plus I’m not a fan of the ornate window) and I thought this punchy yellow would look a little nutty with our brown/tan color scheme on the outside of the house. A long time from now, I’d like to get the house painted (you guessed it, some sort of gray) but there is waaay too much to do on the inside to worry about that right now.

Another picture?

Don’t you love it? You must say you do!

7 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Front Door

  1. I do as well. I like the ornate window. I guess anything to bring a little more light into the house. That’s why I like the full glass screen door. That color would look good outside as well. Excellent job, thecandace. I am proud of you. lv mamap

  2. Doors galore! I’m loving this door-by-door facelift of our house. Small projects, but huge impact – perfect for baby nap times. Now perhaps it’s time to step things up a notch. Hmmmm… :)

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