Friday Tidbits

Big changes have been going down this week and I couldn’t wait to share…

Do you remember our baby death trap railing?

With a baby on the move, this railing terrified me. Amelie could be crawling around the dining room table and whoopsies, fall into the den to her death. So we did something about it. We TORE IT OUT AND BUILT A WALL. See?

Actually, I didn’t do anything except drink coffee and watch our German handyman, Michael, do everything. He was hesitant about closing up our open floor plan and told me “I’ll do it, but I’m not going to like it.”

But you know what? I love it and that’s what matters.

Here’s the back, framed:

And now with drywall, tape, mud and texture:

Here is the finished wall view from the den. I’m thinking of adding cabinetry for extra storage. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Not only does it save the babies, it cozies up the rooms and cuts down on the noise transfer. Finally Hubs can watch TV in the den while I watch TED talks the Panda Cam at the kitchen table.

Along with a new wall, we had the handrails revamped. Surprisingly, updating these were the most labor intensive of all. Notice how they were uneven?

Michael fixed those right up!

Now they match, they are even, they are up to code and you can’t knock them over if you accidentally sneeze loudly in their general direction. Yay for safety! Even MamaP approves!

Happy Friday, friends. You know what? Go and build yourself a wall if you want to.


10 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Huzzah!! To further the backstory, Michael disliked the idea of the wall so much that he actually talked us out of it initially, and we were going to instead rebuild the railing with more spindles. Luckily, Candace had second thoughts about this, and convinced me to go back to our original plan of the wall. SO GRATEFUL she stuck to her guns!!

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  3. I love the wall. It stops the echoing in the house. The wall makes the main floor so much more intimate. I love it. Every time I visit, I fall more in love with what thecandace is doing on the house. ::)) lv mamap

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