My Amelie

AGE: 10.5 months

Amelie has been very tired this week. She’s been going down easy for bed time, her naps have been substantial and when she wakes, she’s not up for very long before rubbing her eyes signaling to us that she is ready to sleep again. This follows a week of clinginess, irritability, rough naps, hard fought bedtime routines, and not sleeping very well through the night. She must be going through a growth spurt.

Making noises: Her big sound experiment used to be a throaty gasping sound and then it moved to an open mouth hiss. It’s so funny. She also does the usual (ADORABLE) baby babbles┬áindiscriminately: baba, dada, mummum.

I’ve given up on breastfeeding and pumping completely. I was sad at first but now I accept it. It gives me a lot more freedom and I’m trying to enjoy it. But whoa, formula is so expensive!

She pulls herself to standing now and she keeps very busy practicing this new talent!

She also waved “bye bye” for the first time this week. She waved to Michael (the handyman who┬ábuilt our wall) of all people! It was hilarious (and a little shocking considering she’s usually suspicious of strangers).

Oma (MamaP) was in town and Amelie enjoyed the extra attention. She’s a shy but social little girl. She wants to be involved and interacted with.

It was also Daddy’s birthday! She LOVES being with her Daddy.

She knows how to make him melty! And so it begins…


8 thoughts on “My Amelie

  1. Oh we just love this little snuggle bug so much. It’s truly amazing all of the different stages & new things, how they have a way of merging one into the next. And my goodness, it has a way of making a Mama’s heart leap & break in the same beat. I can’t believe how that happens on a daily basis. Truly a gift straight from the fingertips of God. Hugs guys!!

  2. It’s amazing how quickly she transitioned from a very difficult week (2 weeks ago), to a much easier week (last week). Raising a baby is so unpredictable!

  3. That is an understatement, SIL! Amelie Quinn is close to being a genius, which isn’t hard to be when you know her parents.!!! I am so grateful you let me visit and snuggle up that little girl. See you soon. lv mamap

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