Friday Tidbits

Better late than never (like last week), right?

A friend pinned this on Pinterest and I thought it was worth sharing. That second to last paragraph gets me all sniffley! Considering Amelie’s naps went straight into the toilet today, this was a nice read to reset.

Speaking of littles, here’s mine enjoying herself at the local children’s museum earlier this week:

I want to smooch her constantly. She’d prefer I didn’t. Happy Friday!

Spring Cleaning: Baby Clothes Storage

Amelie is almost a year old. ONE. I can’t believe it. All along, I’ve been stashing the clothes she’s outgrown in a plastic bin from Target. Her stuff was tossed in there haphazardly so the other day I got to organizing. I bought half gallon zip bags and bagged the clothes by sizes now that I know how each of the brands actually fit since baby clothes can be nutty/confusing.

Admittedly, the bag system is flawed. The bags take up more room than if I were to just store everything loose. But if another little baby girl comes into our life, I figured I’d be grateful that it’s all labeled and organized. It took longer than I anticipated even though I had lots of “help”.

I also took this time to really look at Amelie’s clothes and keep only the ones that were free from stains (her spitty days ruined quite a few pieces) as well as the outfits I really loved or found extremely useful. I left room for my beloved newborn diapers which I’m currently lending to a friend but other than those, it’s pretty packed in there. She’s a spoiled lady. We store the bin under her crib. It doesn’t fit perfectly now that we lowered the mattress but it’s not something I’ll be accessing often so it’ll do.

 I was hoping to get the entire first year’s worth of clothes in here but with her bulkier winter items, it’s not going to fit. Considering just how hard it was for me to resist buying loads of baby clothes, I think I did a pretty good job of containing the madness for the first 9 months!

Yeah, that’s it for today. Sorry.

Update: I changed the title from “Baby Storage” to “Baby Clothes Storage” because storing babies is creepy.


My Amelie

Oh Amelie, you are so cute!

AGE: Just over 11 months

She has been proficient going up the stairs for a while now, although she doesn’t quite get that sitting down on them could lead to a big tumble back down…

Just in the last few days, she’s been able to stand briefly by herself for 5-10 seconds! She’s also getting better at cruisin’ (using furniture to steady herself) and her big thing is crawling up our legs when she wants us to pay attention to her. She’s especially clingy and needy in the mornings.

I made a batch of bran muffins to bring to my track meet this weekend and forgot to add the oil. Amelie adores them even so!

Amelie has a generous heart and has been giving Daddy kisses. You know the kind; the open mouth sometimes with an accidental lick involved. It’s ridiculously sweet!

She gave Mom one too, albeit a very reluctant one. She’s a Daddy’s girl.

Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

Here is my list of February loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. There is much hype over the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I go back and forth between really wanting one of them and being happy with what I have. This month, I’m happy with what I have. A few years ago, MamaP bought me this Stila In The Lights palette from Sephora.

 I’m not a fan of every shade but as you can see, it’s still very well loved. The dark brown and black I use almost daily. My favorite was the brown eyeliner (in Damsel) that came with it but sadly, I used that up long ago.

2. Track season is officially underway. Don’t I live in a beautiful place?

I have to say, I sincerely debated if I was going to coach track this season. There were a lot of reasons for my hesitation but mostly, it’s hard to coach while taking care of Amelie. I’m distracted, I’m tired, I’m chasing after a baby instead of really connecting with my athletes.

But, I’m thankful I stuck with it. It’s good for me to be breathing in the fresh air and enjoying my high schoolers. They are awesome. And it’s soooo good for Amelie. She LOVES it. She needs the stimulation, the attention, the exploration.

I consider myself incredibly lucky that the coaching staff and the team has been so kind and flexible. My MIL has been a big help on the days she doesn’t work and Hubs volunteered to be on baby duty every Saturday during the all-day meets. Everyone is chipping in to help me do this. I’m blessed. I’m grateful.

3. A women’s anthem. Ugh, I love this song and Alicia Keyes so much. Just close your eyes and listen to the music, the sweet music, because the video is way too literal and cheesy.

4. You guys, Amelie has been such a good girl. She’s been napping great (most days) and the moment I put her down, I throw on my painting clothes! I’ve been working hard on our house and although progress is slow, it’s satisfying.

5. Oma came to town! We shopped and ate and adored Amelie. What could be better?

March already? Oh my gosh, I have to get my taxes done. BLECH.

February Raves and Faves of yore: 2011, 2012, 2013.

My Amelie

Amelie will be 11 months tomorrow. WHOA.

Oma (her Minnesota Grandma) bought me Amelie this dress last time she was in town. Ohmergerd, I can hardly stand how cute she looks in it!

She’s in the very early stages of “cruising” using the coffee table to keep her balance. Her steps are like a robotic march and it cracks me up every time!

She can roar like a tiger/dinosaur (depending on what’s relevant at the time, obviously). She’s been playing more independently. She still insists we be near but I can actually do small tasks or just even enjoy a cup of coffee while she is awake. It’s the little things! Other accomplishments include: sampling dirt and sucking on a rock while my back was turned at track practice, enjoying bath time again (she had no time for it when she was trying to learn to crawl) and using her car seat as her own private climbing gym.

Also, Daylight Savings. Whomever invented this did not have children. They did not have to worry about naps and bedtime. I strongly dislike that person.

Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday, folks!

I need your help.

I gave you a sneak peek of the primed railings yesterday and was hoping to show you finished and pretty ones today. But, things didn’t work out that way. Let’s start from the beginning:

Although white is so fresh, I knew they wouldn’t stay that way since they are railings and all. I decided to go with Seal, by Martha Stewart because I thought it would be a deep but “soft” black. Click here to see it in action. Pretty, right?

Well, here’s my first coat…

This color is really rich and beautiful BUT –

The tones of the door and the railings are clashy. The railings are very brown, whereas the Zinc by Martha Stewart door is a cooler gray. Do you see what I mean?

Please ignore the monster rainbow gate and those blue carpeted stairs. Our house is total crazy town.

Martha Stewart warned me, she really did. See, she has symbols on each of her paint colors so you can supposedly match the symbols and those colors should play nicely together. Zinc and Seal have two different symbols. I was embolden by my yellow door split decision that I disregarded her advice. Sigh.

Here is my conundrum: Do I buy a new quart of paint in black semi-gloss? Or do I paint over them with the leftover Zinc that I have, knowing that is only an eggshell finish (not easy to clean smudgy fingerprints off of)? At least it’ll match but it won’t “pop”.

Help me?


Home Sweat Home: Full Wall

Remember when we had our half wall changed into a full wall to save the babies? Well, there’s been more progress.

But first, a very shadowy Before:

Although not overly exciting, it still took me a week’s worth of naps to prime, caulk, repaint the wall (as well as the trim) so I’ve decided to show you.

And now the After:

Pretty, huh? Close your right eye so you can’t see the neighboring kitchen wall paper…

As you may have also noticed, priming started happening on the railings as well. Are you stoked?