Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

Here is my list of February loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps*

1. There is much hype over the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I go back and forth between really wanting one of them and being happy with what I have. This month, I’m happy with what I have. A few years ago, MamaP bought me this Stila In The Lights palette from Sephora.

 I’m not a fan of every shade but as you can see, it’s still very well loved. The dark brown and black I use almost daily. My favorite was the brown eyeliner (in Damsel) that came with it but sadly, I used that up long ago.

2. Track season is officially underway. Don’t I live in a beautiful place?

I have to say, I sincerely debated if I was going to coach track this season. There were a lot of reasons for my hesitation but mostly, it’s hard to coach while taking care of Amelie. I’m distracted, I’m tired, I’m chasing after a baby instead of really connecting with my athletes.

But, I’m thankful I stuck with it. It’s good for me to be breathing in the fresh air and enjoying my high schoolers. They are awesome. And it’s soooo good for Amelie. She LOVES it. She needs the stimulation, the attention, the exploration.

I consider myself incredibly lucky that the coaching staff and the team has been so kind and flexible. My MIL has been a big help on the days she doesn’t work and Hubs volunteered to be on baby duty every Saturday during the all-day meets. Everyone is chipping in to help me do this. I’m blessed. I’m grateful.

3. A women’s anthem. Ugh, I love this song and Alicia Keyes so much. Just close your eyes and listen to the music, the sweet music, because the video is way too literal and cheesy.

4. You guys, Amelie has been such a good girl. She’s been napping great (most days) and the moment I put her down, I throw on my painting clothes! I’ve been working hard on our house and although progress is slow, it’s satisfying.

5. Oma came to town! We shopped and ate and adored Amelie. What could be better?

March already? Oh my gosh, I have to get my taxes done. BLECH.

February Raves and Faves of yore: 2011, 2012, 2013.

14 thoughts on “Raves & Faves: FEBRUARY

  1. You do live in a spectacular area. You are necessary to the track and cross country team. Don’t give it up. Love that picture of Amelie at the track. Taxes. I am working on them as well. YUCK! Maybe you could get a new eye shadow for your birthday when I come in May. lv mamap

  2. I didn’t realize MIL lived in Colorado?

    I’m glad you’re able to still coach! You’re getting it all figured out, one step at a time. :)
    Miss ya.


  3. I love seeing all of you. ::)) thecandace please send me the words to the song because i couldn’ stand listening to her simpering voice. Honestly, I don’t understand people that don’t want loud horns and guitars and drum solos. lv mamap

  4. Love your list and your beautiful, grateful heart. That pic of Amelie at track is wonderful – it makes my heart happy. I just love the wind in her hair! It is so great for her – an awesome environment and watching her mama teach/inspire/give to others. You should print a copy to remind yourself of that! Way to go you two!

    • You’ll always find a way to lift me up when I’m down, Megs. Track is so good for both of us – just layers and layers of healthy experiences. I will print this out as a reminder when I’m feeling like a worthless Mom AND Coach – which happens more often than I’d like to admit. XOXO.

      • Oh my sweet lady, repeat after me – I AM ENOUGH! You are doing enough, giving enough, loving enough, teaching enough, and TRULY there is no need for judgment – it is like skipping a rock….just be true and wonderful self and the beautiful ripple effect will stretch out to others exactly how it should. There is no controlling it or changing it, it is being the true you, letting the rest go, and enjoying the little waves. Try it. Remind yourself. Focus on your fullness and gifts and the loving way you extend them to the World. It is wonderful, it is enough, and it is what life is really about. Practice now so you can teach Amelie…and all too soon! Love you!

        • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Megs. I will take your words to heart and practice since acceptance does not come easy for me. Like most women, I can be very cruel to myself!!!

          • Good, make it a promise because it is our generation, starting with ourselves, that will stop the next generation from criticizing and limiting themselves….but, we must make it happen. Force the negative out and get the JOY IN! Love you lady – let’s all keep at it!

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